The Perfect Portfolio for Any Environment (Even This One)

How should you invest when the markets are choppy, or there’s a war, or you’re hearing talk of a recession (or all three)?

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How a Third-Generation Military Guy Gets to Wall Street

Bill Clinton was a master politician. Our politics do not jive, but you have to give the guy credit—he knows how to work a room.

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How to Give Away Money

Imagine you’re at a gas station and some mangy guy comes up asking for money. What do you do?

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Help for Market Junkies

There are a lot of market junkies out there. These people love to trade, and most of them are not very good at it.

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Break Glass in Case of Emergency

Russia invaded Ukraine 13 days ago. While the civilized world (including yours truly) is rooting for Ukraine, the West’s response to the war is hitting ordinary Russians hard.

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Three Practical Ways to Limit Your Wartime Risk

I get the feeling people are not appropriately paranoid about the events unfolding in Ukraine.

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