Why Aren’t You Rich?

Money is a choice. If you want to be rich, you can be. Embrace personal responsibility and shape your financial future today.

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The Best Way to Save for Retirement

Let's talk about retirement accounts...

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How to Start Investing the Right Way

The best way to start investing—or investing the right way—is with mutual funds.

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20 Finance Laws to Live By

Ritholtz Wealth Management's Ben Carlson has talked about the “20 most important personal finance laws to live by” in Fortune before. Today, I want to share Ben's rules and my take on each topic.

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Establish a Healthy Relationship with Money

There are two types of people in this world: cheap f***s (CFs)—people who spend a little—and high rollers—people who spend a lot.

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Financial Infotainment—Make Money and Have Fun

We all know that it is dang near impossible to beat the market over any extended period. We all know that we are better off in index funds.

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