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"Being good with money" has never been more difficult than at a time when millions of people are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. It also has never been more important.

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Own Your Life: Mastering Your Personal Finances

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What is The Jared Dillian Show?

The Jared Dillian Show is a financial talk program to help you master your personal finances to live a more rich, stress-free life. This straight-talking show offers listeners advice on how to fix their financial issues in the most economically sensible way.

The show runs weekdays as part of the Smart Talk Radio Network or affiliates can choose to incorporate The Jared Dillian Show into their current lineup.

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How Do I Start Investing?

How Do I Start Investing?

Start going for the gains you deserve, with a level of safety that makes you feel comfortable. This FREE special report from Jared Dillian teaches you how.

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Inflation Bull: Eight Ways to Profit—NOW!

Inflation Bull: Eight Ways to Profit—NOW!

I am quite certain that the US has entered a long period of higher inflation. Inflation is an inequality machine, and there’s only one side of it you want to come out on. This report can help.

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The Awesome Portfolio

The Awesome Portfolio

When it comes to managing your investments, you can pretend you’re the only person in the world with a magic crystal ball. Or, you can accept the uncertainty of life, and build an investment portfolio that can hold up against it. Jared designed the Awesome Portfolio to do just that.

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Own Your Life: Mastering Your Debt

Own Your Life: Mastering Your Debt

If you’re one of the millions of Americans burdened with debt, Jared Dillian is here to help. This no-BS guide will help you start getting rid of your debt today… so you can live a stress-free, debt-free life tomorrow.

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Own Your Life: Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want

Own Your Life: Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want

Retirement planning can be confusing, which is why so many people are sleepwalking into a retirement disaster. Jared Dillian’s all-ages, step-by-step guide will get you started on the road to the retirement you want… today.

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Jared Dillian’s Bond Masterclass

Jared Dillian’s Bond Masterclass

Jared's distilled two decades of investing in bonds, years of Wall Street experience, and time teaching finance to MBA students into this comprehensive, actionable, no-BS bond masterclass.

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The Jared Money Letter

Your money is always on the move, keep up with The Jared Dillian Letter.

Money Isn’t That Complicated

Financial folks tend to overcomplicate things.

The All-time Best Way to Make More Money

Most people want more money. Far fewer are willing to do what it takes to get it.

Become Someone Who’s “Good with Money”

I know millionaires who have never made more than a five-figure income.

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About Jared Dillian

I've been in the financial industry for more than 20 years, and even when I was a trader, my story is one of economic sacrifices. I lived far below my means during a time when it was expected I would live far above my means. I have been on both sides of the coin and have a desire to help even more people than I already have; now that I am not on Wall Street.

If you want rules to nail to your forehead, I’m not the guy. If you want to be advised on how to fix your financial issues in the most economically sensible way, I am the guy.

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Personal finance should be a required course for a bachelor's degree in my opinion. You are doing a great public service.”

Dan S.

It's actionable, for everyone. It's life lessons, and financial philosophy, without being preachy and over-the-top”

Chris B

I think young people need to hear these conservative truths... Thanks for being so candid... Keep up the great work”

Ed W