The Jared Dillian Letter

Get to Know the Fed—the Most Powerful Institution on Earth

The power of the Fed is unprecedented. There’s no parallel. So, you should know what the Fed is and what it does.

This Is Not the End of the World

The smart money is sucking all the money out of the market, and there's none left for you. But don’t let that depress you. There’s an antidote to all this…

Debt Is Not Evil—Use This Test to Know If It’s Bad

People make bad choices about debt all the time, but you don’t have to be one of them. Jared shares a clear-cut way to make better choices about every type of debt.

The Internet Is Anti-Baby

Ever wondered where economic growth comes from? Jared lets you in on the secret… and explains why the overpopulation threat is a myth.

Stop: Don’t Date Anyone with a Credit Score Under 650

A person’s credit score is a measure of his character, and it’s something you need to know about early in a relationship. Jared shows you how to start this critical conversation.

More Kisses Begin with Miller Lite than Kay

Spending money you don’t have is one of the worst things you can do for a relationship. Jared explains how to dodge the $20 billion Valentine’s Day trap and still keep the romance going.

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