Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall

Amazon super-billionaire Jeff Bezos does a terrible job of giving his money away. Sure, he gave away $10 billion to fight climate change, but he did it in a very sloppy way. Bill Gates, on the other hand…

Steer Clear of the Cemetery

If one of your investments is causing you stress, Jared recommends selling it. Find out what happened after he ignored his own advice and lost a half a million dollars…

Biden Is Already Under Pressure

Don’t blame the banks for America’s $1.6 trillion student debt crisis—the government created this problem. Now high-ranking Democrats are pressuring Biden to cancel student loan debt. This “solution” appeals to a lot of people, but it comes with all kinds of pitfalls…

Finally, a Reason to Be Happy Again

The positive vaccine news from Pfizer is making people a lot happier. This is the turnaround that energy, retail, and airline stocks have been waiting for… and a big problem for “stay-at-home” stocks like Peloton and Zoom.

Bet on the Yankees

There’s a secret to investing… do more of what is working and less of what is not. If you own a stock that’s dropped 20% or more, sell it—because turnarounds are rare. In the stock market, you want to bet on the winners—you want to bet on the Yankees.

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