Don’t Complain About the 1%—Someone Thinks You Are Rich

Nobody thinks he’s rich. But chances are, somebody thinks you are rich. No matter how little money you have... someone is always looking up at you.

The Stock Market Is a Dangerous Place

The stock market is no place for amateurs—yet they are pouring in. If you want to become a real investor, you need to learn a little something about the markets.

Which Debt Do You Pay Off First?

If you don’t pay your mortgage, the bank will repossess your house. So, you should probably pay it off first. This is how you prioritize the rest of your debt.

Back to School

Life is short. So stop talking about your dreams—you have to take action. Otherwise, what are you doing?

Credit Card Debt & No Job? Get Unstuck

Credit card companies do not want you to default. So they are surprisingly willing to negotiate. If you get stuck, pick up the phone and call the credit card company... before the debt collectors start calling you.

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