Dwindling Numbers

People worry about exploding populations and our planet’s ability to withstand that growth. The reality is that global population growth is slowing and will likely begin a decline. Jared looks at Japan, Europe, and some human behavioral changes leading to that decline.

The Most Important Decision You Will Make

There are hundreds of decisions you make that profoundly impact your financial future, but the most important one isn’t what you’d expect. Jared explains why most people are making the wrong decision and how easy it is to change yours.

No, of Course You Haven’t

Mortgages are like smoke and mirrors. Unless you love spreadsheets. For everyone else, Jared peeks behind the curtain to show you the many ways mortgages aren’t what you think they are, and what you need to do to minimize the impact they can have on your long-term investing goals.

The Economy, Stupid

It’s important to be honest about expected returns. How you look at data, trends, “past performance” and bloated market projections can have a huge impact on your financial wellbeing. Jared dives into some macro viewpoints and gives you the perspective needed to see through the hype.

Jumping into the Pool

Professional managers do their best to keep your investments stable. Jared talks about adding your investments to the pool of capital they manage as a safer idea than thinking you can do it yourself. Once you jump in, the kind of mutual fund you choose makes a difference.

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