Bleeding Lehman Green

The only big company that’s been allowed to fail recently is Lehman Brothers. Big problem for the Lehman exec with $25 million in company stock… it all went to zero. If you own a lot of stock in the company where you work, you face a similar risk (probably on a smaller scale). Jared explains...

The Dumbest Fish in the Sea

Travel back in time to Jared’s Coast Guard days, bouncing around the antigravity chamber in the Bering Sea, and training to become a fish cop. He’s got strong opinions about fish, which have more in common with finance than you’d think.

Everything Is Negotiable in Real Estate

When you’re in the market for a new house, the negotiation process starts the moment you walk through the door. And everything is negotiable… from the unfinished attic, to the shoddy plumbing and weird bathroom tile. Find out why buyers have more power than they think.

How Real Estate Traps Your Money

Nobody likes landlords, especially right now. Jared prefers to invest in stocks over real estate for a slew of other reasons. For starters—real estate deteriorates over time. And you might wind up babysitting your tenants. There are simpler ways to make money…

The Dumb Dummies’ Guide to Stock Splits

Stock splits aren’t that common these days. But when they do happen, it means the company expects the stock to go up. And that’s what usually happens—so hang on if you own it.

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