Loan Forgiveness Won’t Win Over New Voters

Student loan forgiveness, flipping houses, and the importance of trust in relationships… Jared Dillian talks to realtor David Manning about the harsh realities of life.

“Quiet Quitting” Makes You a Terrible Person

It takes guts to threaten to leave if you don’t get a raise. But when it works, you get more money—which is good! But it only works if you’re this type of employee…

Pretend You’re a Capitalist

Lending money to friends and family is almost never a good idea. Jared shares his rules for when you do it anyway.

Corvette vs. Toyota

Life isn’t fair: High-end cars rise in value and low-end cars drop. But there are still major benefits to driving a piece of junk.

Macro Doom Has Taken Over Twitter

Financial sentiment is worse than ever. But the facts indicate we can all calm down—the housing market isn’t going to crash, and we’re not headed for a depression.

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