Luck—and a Big Pile of Cash

Jared walks you through a major real estate deal—a piece of land that doubled in value in six months. It’s the kind of opportunity you can pounce on when you have a little bit of luck and a big pile of cash.

Sort of Like Lord of the Flies

Jared peels back the curtain on the Coast Guard Academy’s messed up culture. It’s actually worse than you think. And he’s spent a lifetime unlearning the lessons he learned there.

The Worst Investment in the World

No one wants to lie in bed at night, panicking about a volatile investment. Jared shares his solution to high volatility investments, so you never make a foolish mistake.

Pennywise Mistakes

There’s a lot of dumb advice floating around the internet. Jared helps you avoid it by critiquing 17 ways to save… and reminding you that “it’s the big things” that count.

Amazon Should Split Its Stock

Stocks often go up after a split. It’s about signaling—the company is sending a message to investors. Jared explains what it is and how to take advantage of it.

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