Growing Pains

Economic growth is a choice, and it’s good for everyone. What’s not good for everyone? NIMBY-ism, which blocks development and increases the cost of living. Just ask anyone in California.

Stop: Do Not Use Your Stimulus Check to Buy Stocks!

When Charles Schwab launched commission-free trading last year, it unleashed a tidal wave of unintended consequences. Trading should NOT be free. This only makes the “dumb money” pour in... and do dumb stuff like buy airline stocks.

The Only Reason to Refinance Your Car Loan

It’s pretty common to refinance your home mortgage when interest rates drop. But what about your car loan? Jared shares the one and only reason to refinance your car loan, and the best way to go about it.

$300k in Student Loans & No Way Out

The whole student loan system is bad. Some people say they’re going to die with their student loan debt, and some of them are right. People should be more scared of debt going into these situations and only use it judiciously.

America’s Cult of Equity

The economy is basically in a depression, yet stocks keep zipping higher. Why? Because the economy is not the stock market, and the stock market is not the economy. And the Federal Reserve will not let the stock market fail.

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