Treat Your Stocks Like a House

Put down your phone. Stop checking your brokerage account. And wait. Because people make stupid decisions when they get negative feedback.

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Hometown Stories—Plus the Scoop on Tesla

Jared talks to his buddy Dave about marching bands, college scholarships, dressing for success, and what he got wrong about charitable giving.

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If you live in Myrtle Beach long enough…

Tattoos exploded in popularity in the ‘90s—they’re a very Myrtle Beach sort of thing. All good—it’s your body, so do whatever you want. Just make sure you can afford it.

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Drugs are bad. Even if you work at Waffle House

More than 100K Americans died from drug overdoses last year. Twenty years ago, the US had fewer than 20K overdose deaths. What has changed?

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Graduates: Stop Trying to Change the World

Trying to change the world is a bottomless pit of hopelessness and despair. Try changing yourself instead. You will be happier for it.

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