Every Day Is Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day spending is an unsurprising indicator of economic stability. People spend billions, not just on romantic partners, but on kids and pets. Not Jared. He’ll explain why he feels you shouldn’t either.

Don’t Street Race

Your behavior can have a huge impact on your finances in ways you may not fully recognize. Be it a speeding ticket or coming into money quickly and unexpectedly, Jared looks at how what you do can change your financial outcomes.

Cash Is King

Cash is an asset class. Many people forget to make room for it in their financial plan. You need cash for more than just safety—you can’t take advantage of buying opportunities if you don’t have it available. Jared elaborates.

College Is Too Expensive

The first tenet of financial wellbeing is that if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t buy it. College has become too expensive for the benefits earned, leading to more small colleges failing financially and many students choosing not to attend. Jared talks about his thoughts on the job market...

The Sport of Prediction

Jared jumps into the murky water of predictions for 2020 and hopes to not get fricasseed in the process. He reviews commodities, gold, plant-based diets, oil, and the possibility of that looming recession…

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