A Little-known Fact About Steve Jobs

On Wall Street, no one wants to hear that Apple (AAPL) is your best idea. Everyone knows about it already. And there’s going to come a time when shorting that stock is going to work.

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You Own the Wrong Amount of Crypto

A diversified basket of crypto won’t save you in a crypto bear market. Jared reveals the only kind of diversification that works—and the exact amount of crypto you should hold.

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Credit Card Points Are the Shadiest Sh*t of All Time

People spend so much mental energy tracking their credit card points, and it does not do them any good. Jared unravels the scam and explains the right way to use your credit cards.

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Let’s Talk About How to Get Rich

You can get rich in this country doing just about anything. Real estate, mathematics, glassblowing, plumbing… anything. It all turns on one factor.

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How to Hurry Up and Succeed (with Money and in Life)

Success doesn’t come out of nowhere. And it sure doesn’t come from a double vodka on a 5am flight. Jared reveals his biggest failure—and how to get your first piece of luck.

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