Buying a House Is Riskier than Investing in Stocks

I’m going to make a bold statement—well, it’s right there in the headline, so there goes the element of surprise.

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Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Did you know there is a way to lower your mortgage payments?

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No Worries

Generally, I aim to keep the electioneering out of my articles here at Jared Dillian Money.

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Invest, Then Investigate

Years ago, circa 2013, I kept hearing about the cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTC). I didn’t investigate it at the time when it was trading around $100.

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Hold Yourself Accountable with Trading Fees

People have a propensity to overconsume free goods.

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The Secret to Investing in the Stock Market

A lot of people think stocks are easy and bonds are hard because there’s a lot of math in bonds.

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