“Quiet Quitting” Makes You an Oxygen Thief

I won’t mince words: If you’re a quiet quitter, you’re a terrible person. Better yet, you’re an oxygen thief. You’re stealing oxygen from everyone else.

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The Upside of Driving a Piece-of-Junk Car

Few people can afford a new car these days, and for good reason. The average price for that new-car smell hovers around $48,000. That’s a pile of cash.

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Cheer Up! This Is a Garden Variety Pullback

Everyone is a pessimist these days.

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This Is Where You Risk It All

Let’s play a game.

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Go to College

A friend told me about his daughter’s tuition for her first year of college: $78,000.

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Buy the Cheaper House

Americans like big stuff… big cars, big houses, Big Gulps.

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