The House, the Car, and How Much to Save for Retirement

I follow a personal finance guy on Twitter, and I actually did an interview with him years ago. He’s a terrific guy, and he came up with some basic financial rules.

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Layoffs Are Traumatic but Not the End of the World

Let’s say you just got laid off from your job. You’re probably pretty upset.

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When to Take Social Security Benefits

Claiming Social Security benefits at age 62 is a huge mistake. Do not take Social Security at age 62.

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What It Takes to Walk Away from a Soul-Sucking Job

The most powerful thing in the world is liquid net worth. If you don’t have a big pile of cash, then you are not in the position to walk away from a terrible job.

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It Takes Three Traits to Become a Successful Trader

One of the biggest requirements to be a successful investor is to be emotionally healthy.

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When You Should Make a Claim on Your Insurance

It’s funny how things get a lot more expensive when insurance companies get involved.

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