The Jared Dillian Letter

Call the Credit Card Company—They Want to Help

Credit card companies don’t want you to default. They want you to pick up the phone and call! If you’ve lost your job, tell them you need help. You will probably get it.

Gold Isn’t Great for Buying Pizza… But You Still Want to Own Some

Gold is not great for buying pizza, but it does a fantastic job of holding its value. This is one of many reasons you want to own some gold right now.

Don’t Risk Your Money on Garbage Stocks… This Is How You Build Real Wealth

Investors are buying garbage stocks, risking hard-earned dollars they can’t afford to lose. But you can avoid all that... and start safely investing in your future.

It’s Time to Live a Stress-Free Financial Life

Your goal is to live a stress-free financial life. That is the whole point of having money.

The Craziest Thing Since 1999

There were a lot of sad stories after the dot-com crash... after the housing crash. Don’t be one of the people with a sad story after the next crash.

The House Determines Everything

Your financial health is less about discretionary consumption than you think. If you really want to move the needle, you need to control your fixed monthly costs.

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