The Jared Dillian Letter

The Best Way to Pay Off Your House in 10 Years (or Less)

Let’s talk about the best way to buy a house and pay it off fast.

My Standard Definition of a Bubble

Longtime readers are familiar with my background…

When Half a Million Dollars Isn’t Enough… Do This

New York City is full of people who make half a million dollars a year. And yet, many of them have a low quality of life.

Don’t freak out. Stick to the Plan.

When you become a millionaire, nothing really changes. One day you are not a millionaire and the next day you are. But you are still you. Your life is the same, with the same worries and concerns.

Schlepping Pays Off

I’m sure you’ve heard the fable of the ant and the grasshopper…

Really, You Only Need to Do This Once a Year

A few years back, there was a rumor circulating about Fidelity’s top-performing investment accounts. As the story went, they either belonged to dead people, or to people who had simply forgotten about their accounts.

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