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100,000+ readers trust Jared for fresh, objective market analysis and raw truths about personal finance.

You're a very smart guy, and you are part of a team that I think is the smartest I've ever seen.
– M.F.

Jared Dillian, an excellent former trader with a strongly contrarian bias, provides entertaining and thought-provoking comments on investment markets. I religiously read his comments and they always stimulate my thinking.

His insight into market psychology is matched only by his wit. He’s a voice worth listening to for any serious student of the markets.
— M.P.

I absolutely love Jared Dillian. He is brilliant, uncommonly honest, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. What a gift he is!

Jared Dillian gives me wisdom.

Straight forward, logical approach that is explained at the proper level for non-professional investor.

Jared does a very effective job of highlighting markets and assets that move well out of line with their underlying fundamentals, utilizing a quirky, self-deprecating writing style. He is thought-provoking and challenges your views, and is always entertaining.
— J.J.

Jared provides a viewpoint that is always fresh and a bit more than slightly off of the mainstream BS. His is generally on target. I have recommended Jared to others. Jared is real. Jared is fresh. Jared tells the why of what's happening.

Hello, I’m Jared Dillian.

I help investors make sense of the markets, and I help everyone else make sense of their finances.

My mission is simple: help you think smarter and stress less about money and investing.

And I do it in a way that’s entertaining and a joy to read.

I grew up kind of poor, so I know what it’s like. It stinks.

But it only takes a few decisions to radically upgrade your financial life.

The secret lies in adopting the right attitude about money and getting a small number of big things—the most important decisions—absolutely right.

Once that happens, your stress disappears and your money grows.

About half of my readers are professional investors and money managers, the other half are people who are looking to get out of debt, save for retirement, and take control of their finances.

If that sounds like you, then you’re going to love every minute of the Jared Dillian Letter.

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