We’re not getting another housing crash… I think

Mortgage rates just skyrocketed, and the housing market is about to descend into chaos. Jared shares the dirt on how this could all play out.

This Guy Spent $140K on a Cat!

Pets are cheap, until the medical bills show up. Jared shares how much you should budget for a pet, along with his favorite pet insurance provider.

No Mood to Spend $$

$3,200 is a deal for a massive piece of great art—but it’s still $3,200. Jared shows you how to spend money when you don’t feel rich, but it’s the right thing to do.

Travis Kelce Is a CF

Who pays for what in a relationship? The question gets extra sticky when one person makes 10X more than the other. Jared shares a system that’s fair and produces zero fights about money.

How to Save Your Job in a Recession

We might get a recession, and you might lose your job. Yes, you! Organizations are dumb—they fire good employees all the time. Here’s what you can do about it…

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