Inflation’s Dramatic Dive

The pandemic caused ripple effects still sloshing through the economy, including inflation, but it’s going to end. Jared takes a look in the crystal ball at the next six months and the...

The Wealth Effect Is Real

People in the financial world are panicking, but people in the real world have the right perspective. Jared discusses the wealth effect and the invaluable hope of “normal people.”

Don’t Freak Out

The changes in the housing market all come down to this rate phenomenon. Jared gives his predictions on where the housing market is going and how inflation affects it.

What Did I Miss?

The bear market is getting old, and it’s time to get greedy while others are still paralyzed with fear. Jared reflects on the past year in the market and gives hope for the future.

Go to the Conference

It’s a disadvantage to be an introvert in this world. Jared shares how he broke out of being an introvert and what you have to do to be “lucky.”

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