“Quiet Quitting” Makes You a Terrible Person

It takes guts to threaten to leave if you don’t get a raise. But when it works, you get more money—which is good! But it only works if you’re this type of employee…

Pretend You’re a Capitalist

Lending money to friends and family is almost never a good idea. Jared shares his rules for when you do it anyway.

Corvette vs. Toyota

Life isn’t fair: High-end cars rise in value and low-end cars drop. But there are still major benefits to driving a piece of junk.

Military Guys Make More than You Think

Why would anyone walk away from a job that offers free medical care, free college, a tax-free housing allowance, and rock-solid job security? Jared explores a big gamble with a massive potential...

Two Weeks in NYC for $4K

A rich guy tries to do New York for cheap. But it’s hard to save in a town where juice costs $10. Jared reveals his tricks.

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