Yes, You Can Make More Money—Start Here

Jared explains how to escape the scarcity mentality trap and start making more money.

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What Are You Doing with the Next 24 Hours?

Jared breaks down the most important decision of your entire life… and explains why it’s time to say, “Enough. I’m going to do it.”

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Door #3—The Debt Solution “Experts” Won’t Tell You About

The solution to money problems is usually austerity—spend less, save, and pay down debt. But there’s another option, a “door #3” that personal finance experts rarely mention…

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How Penny Pinching Destroys Relationships

If you’re too cheap, it can start to damage your relationships—even with your kids. Jared explains when to build wealth and when to start spending.

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When You Should Cheap Out

We all know people who buy the most expensive version of everything because it’s “better.” But sometimes it’s actually better to cheap out. Jared explains when and why…

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Ho-Ho-Ho Overspending

If Christmas is a big deal in your house, then you have to manage expectations. Frankly, you have to be “selfish.” If you’re up to your eyeballs in credit card debt, piling on seven grand worth of Christmas presents isn’t going to help.

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