Podcasts: Debt

When You Should Drop Your Partner Like Third-Period French

Jared talks about why a terrible credit score could be a deal breaker in a relationship, as well as what you need to know about your credit score, how your score is computed, what regions have the best scores, and more.

Are Credit Cards Evil?

“They certainly can be,” according to one particular “financial guru,” who encourages Americans to cut them up. Jared has a pretty different philosophy regarding credit cards—tune in to find out.

Loans—Why You Should Charge Your Family Interest

Jared shares the must dos and must nots of loaning money to friends and family. (Hint: It’s almost never a good idea.)

Debt Is the Enemy

Debt almost destroyed the world in 2008. In almost all circumstances you need to pay down debt as aggressively as possible. Listen in to hear why (and to find out the exceptions to the rule).

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