Podcasts: Debt

Dodge This Stupid (Popular) Idea About Debt

People use stupid strategies to pay down debt. Like the snowball method, which preys on human psychology—you pay more, but you feel good about yourself. There’s a smarter way…

Buy Your Next Car Without Getting Too Screwed

Car dealers pull all kinds of crazy financing stunts. When you're buying a car, it's your right to know—and negotiate—the exact terms of the loan, the interest rate, and all the items on your invoice the dealership would rather not tell you about.

Everyone Needs ‘Screw You’ Money

If you still have a mortgage, car loan, or other debt, your boss is the bank. It's time to follow Humphrey Bogart and John Goodman's advice in 'The Gambler' to get in a position of 'screw you.'

Personal Finance Laws to Live By

Ben Carlson wrote a smart piece in Fortune about personal finance laws to live by. In this episode, Jared reviews his favorites and shares a few more smart strategies.


What if your cat gets sick, your car breaks down, you tear your ACL, or a tree falls on your roof? There's only one person you can count on to bail you out—and that's you.

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