Podcasts: Debt

Bob the Credit (Un)Builder

One industry is famous for spreading myths about how they can improve your credit. Problem is, most of us need what they’re selling. Learn how to avoid getting ripped off, even if you have to say no 137 times.

Let’s Not Tell Elizabeth Warren What Comes After a Trillion

Elizabeth Warren says her $52 trillion healthcare plan will be funded by taxes—but Jared lays out why that’s pretty much impossible. Also today—the danger of making things free in the US, how the national cultural weathervane has suddenly changed its tune on one of the presidential...

Is Debt Evil?

Debt can be very spooky, but like Casper the Friendly Ghost, not all debt is evil. Jared discusses the pros and cons of debt, using it as a tool for growth, and what kinds to avoid. He also shares a tale where coming in second or third in the race doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

When You Should Drop Your Partner Like Third-Period French

Jared talks about why a terrible credit score could be a deal breaker in a relationship, as well as what you need to know about your credit score, how your score is computed, what regions have the best scores, and more.

Are Credit Cards Evil?

“They certainly can be,” according to one particular “financial guru,” who encourages Americans to cut them up. Jared has a pretty different philosophy regarding credit cards—tune in to find out.

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