Podcasts: Debt

Which Debt Do You Pay Off First?

If you don’t pay your mortgage, the bank will repossess your house. So, you should probably pay it off first. This is how you prioritize the rest of your debt.

Credit Card Debt & No Job? Get Unstuck

Credit card companies do not want you to default. So they are surprisingly willing to negotiate. If you get stuck, pick up the phone and call the credit card company... before the debt collectors start calling you.

There’s No Magic Money Machine

If you go to Jersey Mike’s to buy a sandwich, and you pay with a credit card, you are taking out a loan to buy a sandwich. It’s debt. But people don’t think about it this way. They think credit cards are magic money machines.

The Only Reason to Refinance Your Car Loan

It’s pretty common to refinance your home mortgage when interest rates drop. But what about your car loan? Jared shares the one and only reason to refinance your car loan, and the best way to go about it.

Which Debt Should You Pay Off First?

People with debt often have a lot of it. The weight can feel downright paralyzing... Where do I even start? Jared explains which debts to pay off first so you can get your life back.

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