When You Should Cheap Out

Clorox or bleach? $2 juice or $10 juice? Expensive doesn’t always mean better, but sometimes it does… Jared categorizes some of the most common daily items and shares the quickest way you can set...

Loans—Why You Should Charge Your Family Interest

Jared shares the must dos and must nots of loaning money to friends and family. (Hint: It’s almost never a good idea.)

The Student Loan Problem

Compared to borrowing money to buy a house, borrowing money to go to school is shockingly easy. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, fueled by the fact that many students treat loans as grants. This...

When You Should Spend Money

Personal finance “gurus” berate people into following extreme tactics that are almost never necessary. There are times to spend and times to not spend. This podcast will help you figure out what...

Debt Is the Enemy

Debt almost destroyed the world in 2008. In almost all circumstances you need to pay down debt as aggressively as possible. Listen in to hear why (and to find out the exceptions to the rule).

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