Episode 382: The Private Equity Bubble Is Poised to Pop

In episode 382, Jared discusses why he thinks private equity is one of the biggest bubbles of all time, as well as Roaring Kitty’s blatant market manipulation with GameStop, Donald Trump, where to...

Blue Chips Are Usually the Best Stocks to Be In

No stock is “safe,” but blue-chip stocks tend to be the safest. That’s why, if you go to a financial advisor, they’re likely to load you up on stocks found in the Dow Jones Industrial...

When to Not Pay Down Your Mortgage

Is this the year to take risks in the financial market? Jared discusses what you should do in 2023 to prepare for 2024 and saving college students from bankruptcy with personal finance.

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Gold: The Most Beautiful Coin in the World

Gold is finally turning around. Jared takes a deep dive into the best way to invest in gold and how to buy physical gold.

Macro Doom Has Taken Over Twitter

Financial sentiment is worse than ever. But the facts indicate we can all calm down—the housing market isn’t going to crash, and we’re not headed for a depression.

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