How to Invest in the Worst Year for Stocks & Bonds Ever

2022 is the worst year for stocks and bonds ever. There’s no crash, no crisis—just a long, slow decline. And it could last for many more years.

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Do Not Buy a BMW Right Now

Everything sucks. Jobless claims are going up, stocks are in a bear market, nothing is working. But Jared is more confident about his trades than he was last week. Find out why.

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Own some bonds. Don’t blow yourself up

If you don’t know about bonds, you know nothing about finance. Everybody needs some bonds in their portfolio. Jared shows you why—and how they can save you in a crisis.

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Treat Your Stocks Like a House

Put down your phone. Stop checking your brokerage account. And wait. Because people make stupid decisions when they get negative feedback.

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Trade Investing Sentiment Like a Pro

The markets aren’t rational because people aren’t rational. But they still behave in predictable ways. Jared shows you how to predict when an investing mania will end—and what to do before that...

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