Podcasts: Retirement

Warren Buffett Is Kind of a Jerk

Warren Buffett is a billionaire, but he isn’t leaving anything to his kids. That’s one way to screw them up. Even for non-billionaires, there’s a way to leave a little something behind and still enjoy yourself in retirement. The “4% rule” can help you get there.

Don’t Sit Around Like an Eggplant—Live a Life of Abundance

The FIRE movement is a cult—these people advocate living in deprivation for 15 years so you can... live in deprivation for another 50 years. I am diametrically opposed to this philosophy—go live a life of abundance.

Fund Your IRA on $17 a Day

You’ve seen the headlines: Americans Don’t Save Enough for Retirement! Jared outlines a straightforward, manageable strategy for funding your IRA. All it takes is $17 a day and a homemade sandwich.

Gross Amounts of Money

Should you dip into your 401(k) to cover an emergency? Or to pay down debt? Jared explains why this is a terrible idea—barring a life or death medical emergency. Listen now to find out what you should do instead.

59% of Americans Leave Money on the Table

Less than half of us with access to a 401k plan take advantage of it. That’s like rejecting a stack of $100 bills because it’s too much effort to pick up. Jared explains that if you can double-click your mouse button, you can jump-start your retirement and save a bit on taxes, too.

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