Podcasts: Income and Expenditure

Stupid but Awesome

What are your financial goals? If they include a Porsche, Rolex, or even a trip to the Maldives—something stupid but awesome—here's how you can take the pain out of that purchase.

Try This Simple Retirement Hack

The average person drops $67 a day on discretionary items. Shave $17 off that total, and you can sock away $6,000 for retirement next year. Jared shows you the simple math that you can do starting with your next lunch break.

What If It All Ends?

The job you have now could be your last, and it could end at any moment. Will you be able to shoulder the financial risks you've taken or plan to take?

Death by Monthly Payment

The average person spends 10–20% of their income on interest. Because all they think about is, “Can I afford the monthly payment?” Don’t do that! Pay cash—that’s how successful people do it.

How Real Estate Traps Your Money

Nobody likes landlords, especially right now. Jared prefers to invest in stocks over real estate for a slew of other reasons. For starters—real estate deteriorates over time. And you might wind up babysitting your tenants. There are simpler ways to make money…

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