Podcasts: Income and Expenditure

On Target

It’s easy for a $15 trip to Target to turn into a $250 trip. Jared discusses how to avoid that trap and how you should really be using your spending money.

The Chipotle Show

Value for money is something to consider in fast food. Unless you want to bring your lunch every day and never leave your desk, Chipotle is a healthy, inexpensive option. Burrito challenge aside, Jared tells you why it’s also a great investment.

Getting out of the Scarcity Mentality

Instead of slicing and dicing the pie, why not make it bigger? Jared pulls from his past experience to share the futility of extreme budgeting, a lesson from Wall Street on how you should view your money, and how you can think outside the box to take in more revenue.

How Productive Is Your Free Time?

The most important decision you’ll make in your entire life is what to do with the next 24 hours. And while it’s crucial to relax, you can probably make more productive use of some of your free time, Jared says. That’s how you get rich, and no one on their deathbed wishes they’d spent more...

A Life of Luxuries?

From toilet paper to watches—which products should you splash out on, and which should you buy store brand? Jared shares his thoughts on this and why sometimes a luxury’s value isn’t in the price, but what it says to others, or what it tells you about yourself…

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