Bigger House, More Crap

Some people say accumulating possessions is a waste of time. You buy a house and fill it up with crap. So, you buy a bigger house and fill it up with even more crap. Jared thinks it’s okay to like...

This Is a Show About Stress

When you become a millionaire, nothing really changes. You are still you, with the same problems and worries. Make sure financial stress isn’t one of those problems.

Want more tools for a richer...

Why They Hate Jeff Bezos (and Why You Shouldn’t)

If you’re going to be successful, get ready for people to hate you. They sure hate Jeff Bezos. All he did was build the greatest company in the world... and spend a little bit of his money to go to...

Everything Is Going to Be Okay

The world is full of opportunity. But the personal finance orthodoxy doesn’t focus on that. It only focuses on surviving—just getting by. Jared lays out a different path… a path to thriving.

Sort of Like Lord of the Flies

Jared peels back the curtain on the Coast Guard Academy’s messed up culture. It’s actually worse than you think. And he’s spent a lifetime unlearning the lessons he learned there.

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