Before going back to teaching at Coastal Carolina University this fall, Jared talks campus life, frat guys, professors DJing at college parties, turning 21, and making a statement vs. showing up...

Don’t Go into Debt for Christmas

People end up in credit card debt because they don’t want to have hard conversations. Jared discusses the quality and impact of truly meaningful gifts.

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Underground & Making Dreams Reality

Jared and realtor David Manning talk about the profitability of Jared’s dream club, the evolution of reality TV, football career lengths, and more.

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Loan Forgiveness Won’t Win Over New Voters

Student loan forgiveness, flipping houses, and the importance of trust in relationships… Jared Dillian talks to realtor David Manning about the harsh realities of life.

Bigger House, More Crap

Some people say accumulating possessions is a waste of time. You buy a house and fill it up with crap. So, you buy a bigger house and fill it up with even more crap. Jared thinks it’s okay to like...

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