What’s the Big Deal with Money?

Life is hard enough—so why struggle for money? Money makes life easier! Jared spends all his time thinking about how to get more of it, so you don’t have to.

Take Your 5 Bucks and Go Buy Lunch

Discount brokerages are offering fractional shares to people. So, you can buy $5 worth of Amazon now, which is absolutely pointless. If you’re only investing $5 in stocks, you should not be investing in stocks—you should be investing in lunch.

Don’t Sit Around Like an Eggplant—Live a Life of Abundance

The FIRE movement is a cult—these people advocate living in deprivation for 15 years so you can... live in deprivation for another 50 years. I am diametrically opposed to this philosophy—go live a life of abundance.

Scrooge McDuck Takes a Bath

You can be Scrooge McDuck and take a bath in gold coins—Jared is OK with that. Money, and the love of money, is not evil. Money is good because of the virtue it takes to make it: hard work, frugality, and the willingness to take risks.

The Newspaper That Changed Everything

If you don’t learn about money, you are utterly lost in this world. Jared shares some of his favorite books to get you started.

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