The Miracle of Capitalism

From the cotton to the elastic to the gasoline that was put into the delivery trucks, we got masks as soon as we started to need them. Without government bureaucrats in the way, we didn't need a miracle to receive supplies; we just needed to let the free markets do their job.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

2020 was easy for investors, but the rules have already changed in the new year. You'll need a new strategy to keep making money in 2021. Here's what Jared is doing.

Surprises You Can Prepare for in 2021

2021 could surprise in the opposite way that 2020 did and turn out to be a boring year. But don't expect to return to pre-pandemic times.


What if your cat gets sick, your car breaks down, you tear your ACL, or a tree falls on your roof? There's only one person you can count on to bail you out—and that's you.

It’s Free for a Reason

The best way to start investing is with mutual funds. Many people buy ETFs to avoid loads (fees). But when it's your nest egg, this is one time when you should pay for something rather than get it for free.

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