Why Unconstrained Investors Outperform

Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, and now oil—some investors don’t want to buy stocks of “bad companies.” But what actually happens when you buy a stock? Jared reveals why your money is much less...

70% of You Could Get a Higher-Paying Job

There are two ways to get more money—cutting expenses and making more money. Only one of those is fun. Jared shares how he went from making $45k/year to $850k/year in just six years.

The South Will Rise Again

The US is effectively 50 different countries. If you want to get rich, look for a place with low taxes, minimal regulation, and economic dynamism. Like these places…

How Many Credit Cards Do You Need?

All successful people have credit cards. But you don’t need a lot of them. Jared shows you how to use credit cards to make your financial life better. Hint: Don’t charge a tattoo to your AmEx.

What’s in Your Piggybank?

Coins in a piggybank, $800 for winning a spelling bee, getting screwed on a $2,500 engagement ring… Jared reveals his personal path to lasting wealth—and which parts to emulate.

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