When to Not Pay Down Your Mortgage

Is this the year to take risks in the financial market? Jared discusses what you should do in 2023 to prepare for 2024 and saving college students from bankruptcy with personal finance.

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Avoid the Major Screwups

What are your investing goals for the new year? Jared talks about the realities of financial goals, avoiding big mistakes, and dealing with the unknown.

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Don’t Go into Debt for Christmas

People end up in credit card debt because they don’t want to have hard conversations. Jared discusses the quality and impact of truly meaningful gifts.

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Underground & Making Dreams Reality

Jared and realtor David Manning talk about the profitability of Jared’s dream club, the evolution of reality TV, football career lengths, and more.

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The IRS’s Spotlight on Venmo and PayPal

Fair warning: The IRS is now targeting third-party payment apps such as Venmo and PayPal, emphasizing the need to report income on transactions exceeding $600. Jared explains the importance of...

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