We Have Money Coming out of Our Ears

There’s a lot of money out there. We have printed trillions of dollars. Let’s put it this way: There is no shortage of money. Really, there’s a surplus, and it’s not that hard to come by. You don’t need to starve yourself or keep the thermostat at 60 degrees in the winter to save money. What it comes down to is a change in attitude. Instead of thinking that money is hard to come by, you need to embrace the idea that it’s easy to get… you just need to know how to do it.

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BE SMART Podcast

Own your life — instead of borrowing it or renting it

Money is hard to make, keep, and control— and almost everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Now, ex-Wall Street trader Jared Dillian and his co-host Cameron, are here to help you navigate your money and take control of your financial future.

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We Have Money Coming out of Our Ears

October 26, 2023

There’s a lot of money out there. We have printed trillions of dollars. Let’s put it this way: There is no shortage of money. Really, there’s a...

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4.9 Out of 5 Star Reviews!

Solid financial advice

Jared has a way of weaving together advice and life stories to help you make good financial decisions and make you laugh at the same time!

Get Smart

Great insights into current events and the financial implications involved. Be Smart makes you a smarter person and investor.

Be Smart Podcast

Great use of 30 min each week. Gives great financial advice much more realistic than Dave Ramsey.

Good, not enough of it.

Great podcast, good information and humor. He’s a straight shooter and gives solid advice.

To the point without economic BS

Raw and on point with entertaining sarcasm.

Worth your time

One of the few professionals worth listening to.


Jared is a rarity—incredibly insightful and informed in all facets of the financial markets and personal finance, yet extremely entertaining!

This guy is smart! Learning a ton

Big fan of these short 10‒20-minute lessons on money and life. Relatable if you make $50K or $500K a year. Wish I would have found this one sooner.

This podcast is phenomenal

Sometimes the truth is harsh. What makes this show so unique is that Jared embraces this mantra and tells you exactly how it is.

What a goldmine

I just discovered this show and it’s my new favorite. I love Jared Dillan’s writing and investment guidance, and these podcasts are now adding even more pearls of wisdom.

Love this guy

Jared has got a rare authenticity that cuts through the minutiae.

Awesome Pod! Great Therapy!

As a career investment advisor, I listen to Dillian to relax and keep my head from exploding.

On point

Outstanding, informative, and entertaining.

Entertaining and informative

Love the info which is spot on and delivery is great!

Great content

Great listen, great insight… A++

Great Podcast

Excellent content and entertaining. Thank you

Recent Episodes

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