Jumping into the Pool

Professional managers do their best to keep your investments stable. Jared talks about adding your investments to the pool of capital they manage as a safer idea than thinking you can do it yourself. Once you jump in, the kind of mutual fund you choose makes a difference.

The Chipotle Show

Value for money is something to consider in fast food. Unless you want to bring your lunch every day and never leave your desk, Chipotle is a healthy, inexpensive option. Burrito challenge aside, Jared tells you why it’s also a great investment.

The Only Solution for Student Loans

College is so expensive that it is “the personal finance issue of our time,” according to Jared. Today, he shares the only solution for the issue on a national level, the biggest financial screw-up you can make with your education, the one question you need to answer to see whether your...

How to Make Your Credit Score Go Up

If the term “credit score” sends a shiver up your spine, then you need to press play. Jared shares why it’s important to monitor your score, as well as easy hacks to both maintain and improve that all-important number.

Let’s Not Tell Elizabeth Warren What Comes After a Trillion

Elizabeth Warren says her $52 trillion healthcare plan will be funded by taxes—but Jared lays out why that’s pretty much impossible. Also today—the danger of making things free in the US, how the national cultural weathervane has suddenly changed its tune on one of the presidential...

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