Grandiose Behavior

Showboating your bank account is a psychological weakness. Check your motives for splashing your cash around and be aware of the ramifications when you do. It’s far better to have people think you make less, and Jared tells you why.

People Are Not Rational Economic Actors

401(k)s, SEP IRAs, Roth IRAs—pick your vehicle. There are plenty of options for retirement savings, whether your employer provides one or not. Don’t tell Jared it’s too difficult. He’ll call you an idiot. Take the time to educate yourself on the options. Jared helps you figure it out.

A Reason to Vacuum Your Car

Everyone’s situation is unique, but it’s okay to rent rather than buy your home. Sometimes the timing isn’t right to buy. Jared tells a tale of financial ruin based on pressure to buy, no-down-payment horrors, and real estate bubble ignorance. It’s okay to rent—it’s better than the...

Ring the Bell

The markets are reacting to so many different situations right now, it’s impossible to not be nervous. What should your portfolio look like in this situation? Jared reviews how to mitigate exposure and find diversification options so you can sleep at night.

The Optimal Tax Rate

There’s a major flaw with the idea that you can have “universal healthcare” just by taxing the rich. The numbers don’t add up. Jared dives into taxes, tax rates, and what they can mean for political theories.

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