Everyone Needs “Screw You” Money

If you still have a mortgage, car loan, or other debt, your boss is the bank. It's time to follow Humphrey Bogart and John Goodman's advice in "The Gambler" to get in a position of “screw you.”

Factor This Into Your Next Stock Buy

You bought a good, cheap stock. But it didn't go up… even though the rest of the market did. Good news: Changing just one "factor" could change your investment returns.

More Precious Than Money

Would you rather be in a bread line or a bread market? You might be surprised by your answer. Here's why the bread market is the better pick… and how you can get there.

Check Your Money Mindset

Anyone can make more money. But most bad decisions come from believing money is more valuable than time. Here's how to adjust your money mindset to help you save—and savor—more.

No Stress

If this market is causing you stress, you've probably taken on too much risk. If some of your position sizes are too big, it's time to sell and turn that money into food that isn't a crap sandwich.

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