$300k in Student Loans & No Way Out

The whole student loan system is bad. Some people say they’re going to die with their student loan debt, and some of them are right. People should be more scared of debt going into these situations and only use it judiciously.

America’s Cult of Equity

The economy is basically in a depression, yet stocks keep zipping higher. Why? Because the economy is not the stock market, and the stock market is not the economy. And the Federal Reserve will not let the stock market fail.

The House Determines Everything

People know how to save money. Now, the global shutdown is forcing them to actually do it. But you can only make so much progress by eating out less. If you really want to move the needle, you need to get a handle on your fixed expenses.

Pandora’s Box

US-China relations are dismal. The Trump administration has already used tariffs to punish China. Now it’s considering defaulting on about $1 trillion in debt held by the Chinese. That would open up the biggest Pandora’s box of all time...

Fund Your IRA on $17 a Day

You’ve seen the headlines: Americans Don’t Save Enough for Retirement! Jared outlines a straightforward, manageable strategy for funding your IRA. All it takes is $17 a day and a homemade sandwich.

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