How You Can Lower Your Mortgage Payments

There’s no such a thing as a free lunch, but you can get a discount. There are legal, non-scammy ways to lower your mortgage payments—most people just don’t know about them. Jared shares exactly what you need to do to make it happen.

Building a Portfolio

Starting your investing career? Jared gives you the basics on ETFs and mutual funds to help you to determine what works for you as an investor. And if you want to just “forget about your money,” Jared has the solution for that, too…

A Life of Luxuries?

From toilet paper to watches—which products should you splash out on, and which should you buy store brand? Jared shares his thoughts on this and why sometimes a luxury’s value isn’t in the price, but what it says to others, or what it tells you about yourself…

Now with 50% Less

Thanks to accounting fraud legislation, bankruptcies, and mergers we have 50% fewer stocks on the market than we did 10 years ago. Private companies and private transactions are the trend, so how do you access these options when they aren’t open to the public or retail investors? Jared reviews...

Home Improvement

“When do I refinance my mortgage” is a tough question—even if you think you know the markets. Jared talks a caller through the fixed-rate 30-year or adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) questions. Jared also dives into the value of basic improvements and “fluffing” your house for sale.

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