I Made a $250 Donation… Now It’s the Stupid Party

The Libertarian Party had a phenomenal ticket back in 2016—Gary Johnson put in the most successful third-party run since Ross Perot. But the capital “L” Libertarians missed the boat this time around.

Coca-Cola, a Man-Eater & a Hollywood Mogul

The United States is headed for a debt crisis. But Jared sees a way that Hollywood-mogul-turned-Treasury-Secretary Steve Mnuchin could turn things around… by doing something Coca-Cola once did.

Prep Your Money for the Election

Guess what Jared did to protect his portfolio from the upcoming presidential election? Nothing—because it’s already ready for anything. Find out if that’s the best strategy for you, too.

No Fun Allowed

Everything fun has been banned. Parties, restaurants, nightclubs… California has even banned singing. All because of COVID—if you give off the impression that you’re having fun, people think you’re not taking the virus seriously. This collective lack of joy has serious implications for the...

Treat Your Stocks Like Your House

What if you treated stocks like your house—and pretended it was as annoying to trade as it is to move? Chances are you’d have a lot more success in the stock market.

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