The Three Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

The first time you hear about something, you should buy it. “Invest, then investigate.” If you wait to research a stock, you’ll never get around to it. And you may end up saying the three most dangerous words in the English language: I missed it.

Don’t Let Success Turn You into a Jerk

Failure is good—it’s how you learn and grow. But how are you going to handle success? Because you don’t want to turn into a jerk. Pro tip: Increase your standard of living slowly.

Swatting a Fly with a Buick

Whether or not you have money is the product of a few big decisions. Jared believes Mr. Money Mustache’s plan to “focus on your $10 bills” is comically bad. Here’s why…

Buy the Coffee and Get to Work

Worried that buying a cup of coffee in the morning will lead to financial ruin? Just stop. Enjoy this one small luxury and shift your focus to making more money.

Some People Have No Business Buying Stocks

Fractional shares are the worst. Sure, they democratize the stock market—now anyone with $5 can play along—but that’s not a good thing. Some people have no business buying stocks. Period.

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