Prada Boots & Too Much Money

Money is meant to be spent. Leave too much behind, and your kids will wind up becoming Trustafarians.

Congratulations, You Are the Caboose

If you woke up this morning and thought, “Maybe I should buy some bitcoin,” you are the caboose. You could have bought bitcoin at any point in the last 10 years—now you’re the last one in the...

Christmas Is Going to Be a Disaster

The economy is breaking down. A year and half ago, inflation was under 2%. Now it’s skyrocketing, and store shelves are growing emptier by the minute.

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Eighty Bucks for Dinner!

After years of living like a CF in the Coast Guard, Jared landed on Wall Street—a radically different world with a radically different way of thinking about money.

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Everybody Knows the Shortages Started with Biden

Everyone has stories about shortages right now. You can’t buy cat food. All the toilet paper is gone again. It’s all fun and games until you go to the store and there’s no food.

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