A Crash Course on Volatility

Volatility (how much an asset moves around) is the enemy of a smart portfolio. Correlation (how assets move in relationship to each other) can reduce volatility in certain situations. And diversification can keep you from blowing yourself up no matter how volatile things get.

The Worst Kind of Taxes

High property taxes discourage home ownership. Worse, they can make it more difficult to sell a house for a nice profit. However, there is a way to lose less money on your parcel of the American dream.

Everything Is Meant to Be Sold

There is no asset that should be held forever—not even Bitcoin. That's why Jared recently sold his… right before it dropped. Here's how you can spot an asset that's about to fall out of favor.

Mo’ Money? No Problem!

Everyone wants to win the lottery. But fortune, whether built over time or through "Mega Millions" made overnight, has a way of complicating your life. No matter how much you have, here is how not to leave your well-being to chance.

The Miracle of Capitalism

From the cotton to the elastic to the gasoline that was put into the delivery trucks, we got masks as soon as we started to need them. Without government bureaucrats in the way, we didn't need a miracle to receive supplies; we just needed to let the free markets do their job.

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