Buddhist Judo

In games of luck and skill, really dumb people make money, and really smart people make money. Everyone in the middle knows just enough to be dangerous.

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Lightning Hit My Plane

When you travel a lot, you learn to roll with mishaps. Like when lightening hit Jared’s plane, gas started spraying out of the wing, they made an emergency landing… and he still made his...

People Will Barf and Sell Everything

Very few people can take a 60% drawdown without panicking. I’m not predicting a bear market anytime soon, but we will get one someday. And when it comes, a lot of people will chop themselves to...

Leverage Can Kill

If your hands are not shaking when you buy a house, it’s because you don’t fully grasp the risk involved. Sure, most of the time, it works out fine—except when it doesn’t.

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The “Pucker Factor”

Don’t quit your job to day trade. It’s stressful and unforgiving. And 99.9% of people who try will slowly bleed to death.

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