Steer Clear of the Cemetery

If one of your investments is causing you stress, Jared recommends selling it. Find out what happened after he ignored his own advice and lost a half a million dollars…

Biden Is Already Under Pressure

Don’t blame the banks for America’s $1.6 trillion student debt crisis—the government created this problem. Now high-ranking Democrats are pressuring Biden to cancel student loan debt. This “solution” appeals to a lot of people, but it comes with all kinds of pitfalls…

Finally, a Reason to Be Happy Again

The positive vaccine news from Pfizer is making people a lot happier. This is the turnaround that energy, retail, and airline stocks have been waiting for… and a big problem for “stay-at-home” stocks like Peloton and Zoom.

Bet on the Yankees

There’s a secret to investing… do more of what is working and less of what is not. If you own a stock that’s dropped 20% or more, sell it—because turnarounds are rare. In the stock market, you want to bet on the winners—you want to bet on the Yankees.

I Made a $250 Donation… Now It’s the Stupid Party

The Libertarian Party had a phenomenal ticket back in 2016—Gary Johnson put in the most successful third-party run since Ross Perot. But the capital “L” Libertarians missed the boat this time around.

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