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Please note: No one wants to think about war, much less face the reality of war. The images we’re seeing from Ukraine are devastating and heartbreaking. This conflict has thrown global markets into turmoil… and as individual and professional investors both know… market chaos can bring swift losses if you’re not prepared. We present the following as an opportunity for our readers to position their portfolios smartly for the potential market volatility ahead. Thank you.

The Wartime Portfolio from Jared Dillian

7 moves to make today to insulate your portfolio from global and market uncertainty…

Hello, Jared Dillian here.

Russia has invaded Ukraine and global markets are in upheaval.

The implications for your portfolio are profound.

In a moment, I’ll show you 7 moves you can make today which could deliver you significant upside. First, however…

We need to talk about inflation…

Because as you’re about to see… the 7 moves I suggest you make today work even if inflation continues at a record clip.

They also work in a geopolitical context of broad uncertainty apart from high inflation.

What I mean is, high inflation is not a secret anymore. Cat’s out of the bag on inflation.

The question is… with conflict in Europe, disrupted global trade, commodity spikes… Which ideas work given all those factors PLUS high inflation?

That’s where my 7 trade ideas come in…

But let’s back up…

Inflation Like We’ve Never Seen Before…

The primary impact of war is inflation—for all commodities, but particularly for food, fuel, and metals.

We already had 40-year record high inflation before this current conflict started, but now, inflation could be about to go parabolic.

International trade is breaking down, which is also contributing to inflation.

And all of this feeds into an inflationary psychology, which is accelerating to warp speed as we speak.

And to think—this is (as I write) caused by a regional conflict on the other side of the world. If this were a global conflict, we’d see commodity prices we’ve never before imagined.

So logically, we should invest in commodities.

Here’s the Catch with Commodities

But “investing” in commodities isn’t a good idea 90% of the time.

Human beings figure out more efficient ways to drill for oil and increase crop yields year after year.

We had a 20-year period where commodity prices went down and the prices of financial assets went up.

Now that is happening in reverse—both stocks and bonds are facing stiff headwinds and the prices of things we need are going up.

Let’s follow this thinking through on commodities…

How does one invest in them?

Well, if you are a high-net-worth investor or an institution, you could do it yourself via futures contracts.

If you have no exposure to futures trading, now is probably not the best time to learn.

But there are commodity index ETFs that invest in baskets of commodities for you—DJP is one; DBC is another.

Both have their own peculiarities. And so, the “dumb” way to invest in commodities is to invest in these ETFs.

That’s a start… but it doesn’t get your portfolio where it needs to be in times like these.

Modeling Scenarios to Find Trade Ideas

Those two ETFs aren’t official recommendations from me. They’re simply ideas I’m sharing to show you how I’m thinking about the market at this moment.

We need to dig deeper… you need a wider set of solutions right now.

In short, you should be looking at big names, mega-caps with strong balance sheets, pricing power, and the ability to absorb (even benefit from) geopolitical uncertainty…

We’ll get to 7 specific tickers which fit that template in just a second…

But before we do, we should model some scenarios to check our thinking.

  • What if a series of (possibly aggressive) interest rate hikes from the Fed don’t tame inflation?
  • What if there’s a recession around the corner… What if we’re already in recession?
  • What happens if the conflict in Ukraine spreads? What happens if it ends in the next few days?
  • What happens if global trade and supply chain issues get worse, not better?
  • What happens if there’s a severe reduction of available semiconductors for high-tech manufacturing?
  • What happens if tech stocks pop quickly? (There’s evidence of this happening already… ARKK was up 10% on Wednesday, March 16.)
  • Oil prices… gold… shortages of household staples… the list goes on and on.

Look, my goal here is not to overwhelm you with “what ifs”... and it’s not to confuse you or frighten you either.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

From a sentiment perspective, my primary focus is modeling various scenarios like those above and coming up with trade ideas which work for as broad a spectrum of outcomes as possible.

Said another way, what I’m thinking about all day everyday right now is…

“How many global macro factors can go sideways all at the same time… and what names still work even in that environment?”

I sit around thinking about questions like this so you don’t have to.

Which brings me to The Wartime Portfolio… and what it can do for you right now.

The Wartime Portfolio

There’s a blueprint for the market we’re facing right now.

We’ve already talked about all the possible curveballs and surprises…

When you adjust for macro risks, then also account for the low-probability risks way out on the fat tail (like nuclear confrontation, Chinese aggression against Taiwan, $250-a-barrel oil, etc…)

A clearer picture starts to emerge.

To make it easy, I broke out my 7 Wartime Portfolio stocks into two broad categories.

I’ll quickly describe each category, then show you how the stocks I recommend you get now fit in these categories.

The first category of The Wartime Portfolio is… Defense Tech / Defense Contractors.

This category covers all the bases big in the news right now—data, cybersecurity, next-generation weapons systems, electronics, and so on.

The second category in The Wartime Portfolio is… Exposure to Metals.

Gold’s had a great run recently… I’m convinced there’s a silver pop coming soon… and even uranium’s showing signs of life.

That’s exactly why The Wartime Portfolio includes:

  1. An easy, direct way to play rising uranium prices
  2. A gold stock with great upside
  3. A quick way to get one-stop exposure to silver

Nothing difficult or technical. Three tickers. Three easy buys.

And you get broad exposure to rising uranium, gold, and silver prices.

Now back to Defense Tech / Defense Contractors…

The Wartime Portfolio also includes…

  1. An off-the-radar military electronics maker
  2. A defense contractor with incredible new tech
  3. A military-grade drone / surveillance company
  4. A major player in defense intelligence software

Again, nothing complicated here. Four tickers, big names, well-positioned… inflation-proof, strong margins, great leadership… perfect buys for right now.

In all, I want to send you my latest thoughts on all 7 opportunities.

You get a brief rundown of the business…

Why it’s perfectly positioned for this chaotic market climate…

And enough context on how each name fits on the global chessboard right now so you can make a smart buying decision.


Here’s What to Do Next…

The published price for The Wartime Portfolio is $199.

Due to the urgency of getting as many readers like you properly positioned for what could be coming next (market volatility, more inflation shocks), I’m drastically discounting that price today.

Now before I tell you today’s special offer price for The Wartime Portfolio, I want to address three likely questions you may have right now.

  • Question 1: My portfolio’s already well positioned for geopolitical / market uncertainty, why do I need The Wartime Portfolio?
  • Answer: Experience has taught me, time and time again, you can never be too cautious in perilous times. At the very least, The Wartime Portfolio is a quality read so you can check your thinking and review your current allocation decisions.
  • Question 2: What happens if these global tensions ease, inflation lessens, and we get back to “business as normal” in the weeks ahead?
  • Answer: You have context and analysis on 7 great names which stand to do well as the global economy readjusts to “peacetime.”
  • Question 3: What if I like one or two ideas more than others… isn’t 7 stocks too many?
  • Answer: That’s not for me to say. That’s a question for you and your investment advisor to discuss after you read The Wartime Portfolio. If you like one or two names more than others, and you decide they work for your goals, then I will have done my job. I was helpful to you.

Now once again, here’s what you get with The Wartime Portfolio today…

  • My latest big-picture thoughts on commodities, inflation, gold, stocks… a sentiment overview of where markets stand.
  • Names of and details on the 7 stocks I believe are best positioned to outperform during this period of geopolitical and market uncertainty.

Now I mentioned a moment ago the “published price” of The Wartime Portfolio is $199.

Today you can claim your copy for just $99.

That’s 50% off.

$99 gets you an immediate download copy of The Wartime Portfolio sent right to your email.

You can review my thoughts and get details on all 7 tickers in just minutes…

Thanks for reading.

To claim your copy of The Wartime Portfolio, simply fill out the order fields below.

Jared Dillian

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