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The Bond Masterclass

For Anyone Who Remembers That Stocks Can Go Down

Becoming a smarter, more well-rounded investor doesn't have to take lots of time or money.

I've distilled my two decades of investing in bonds, years of Wall Street experience, and time teaching finance to MBA students into a comprehensive, actionable, no-BS bond masterclass.

Jared Dillian Bonds

Jared Dillian here.

I don't tend to talk much about my frustrations with the financial industry. Generally, it is not a good use of my time.

But I will now—briefly.

The financial industry—and the publishing and media industries—have all catastrophically failed investors on one very important topic: bonds.

That means they have failed you on bonds.

Think about it. You've got brokers going around telling people that 80% stocks/20% bonds portfolios are conservative.

You've got the financial publishing industry pretty much ignoring bonds—the only time you'll see them address bonds is when they try and dress them up as something sexy. You know, BUY THIS SERVICE FOR GUARANTEED INCOME and sleazy things like that.

And—before this recent bond rally—bonds never made many headlines in the media. CNBC is usually too busy freaking out about stocks.

Like I said, total failure.

This matters a lot.

It's no wonder individual investors are gorked up on stocks, and woefully underinvested in bonds.

No wonder I've gotten emails asking me why Wall Street deliberately makes it hard to invest in bonds (it doesn't).

No wonder individual investors who do want to master bonds can't find anything interesting and easy-to-learn out there.

Until now.

My Bond Masterclass Has What You Need to Know
to Be a Skilled Bond Investor, Starting Today

There are a gazillion books and websites dedicated to teaching people about stocks. People get excited about stocks, so the industry goes for the easy win and gives the people what they want.

But the bond market is much larger than the stock market. Not only that, but the bond market often holds the key to the stock market's next move... so if you want to understand how the stock market works, you need to understand the bond market...

Actually, if you want to understand how the world works, you need to understand the bond market.

And I've made it as easy as possible in my Bond Masterclass.


Want to know how to value a bond? Want to understand exactly what the yield curve is telling you? Want to find out, once and for all, why you should care about convexity (or what the hell convexity is in the first place?) The Bond Masterclass has you covered.


The bond world can be daunting—there are Treasuries, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, international bonds, and more. My easy-to-follow guide takes you through each different bond type, with in-depth explanations and clear examples so you're fluent in bonds.


It doesn't matter if you don't have much time right now. The Masterclass is designed so you can jump straight into the clearly marked takeaways and must knows, and take the rest of the Masterclass at your leisure.


As well as a complete education on bonds, you also get access to bond portfolios I've constructed specifically for Masterclass members. No matter what your income or age, a Masterclass portfolio will fit your needs.

The minute you join the Bond Masterclass, you'll already be ahead of the crowd.

Because the vast majority of individual investors simply don't have the knowledge to invest confidently in bonds.

And I'll let you in on something.

There is nothing hugely special about how I invest in bonds. You don't need any professional tools or Wall Street secrets to be a successful bond investor.

No, I invest in bonds the same way you can invest in bonds.

And the way I invest in bonds has my inbox filling up with emails like:

Whale of a trade
This has been a whale of a trade for me. I can walk away today and have one of the greatest years I have had in a long time.

Eric S.

Thank you
Thank you. After your incessant drum beating, I finally put the requisite 60% in 10 year bonds. About one month ago. And it's paying off. Thanks for the drum beating.

Donald B.

I can sleep at night
Thanks so much for all you do in educating us about bonds. Their low income is a bitter pill to swallow when the stock market is soaring, but I can sleep at night (as opposed to 2008–2009, when I lost half my savings.

Mary S.

Your calls have made my year
Your gold and bond calls have made my year. I was already leaning those ways but when I get an extra Dillian push I say, hey this smart guy has a sense of urgency, make the trade bigger.' So thank you. You have a unique position as a macro deep thinker.

T. Kurtz

So—like I said, no professional tools or Wall Street secrets. What you'll get with my Bond Masterclass is simply:

  • What I've learned about successful bond investing over two decades (so you don't have to spend two decades learning about it too)...
  • The benefit of my time spent investing both on and off Wall Street...
  • A clear, direct coaching style honed during my years teaching finance to MBA students...

What I'm trying to say here is that while people think bonds are super complex, you don't need to be a genius. You can be a confident, adept bond investor, starting today...

  • Even if you're completely new to bonds
  • Even if you're not sure you want to invest in bonds right now.
  • Even if you don't have much free time at all

The Bond Masterclass Takes the Brain Damage Out of Learning about This $100 Trillion Global Market...
(and You Can Get up to Speed in No Time at All)

  • The exact reasons you should invest in bonds in (almost) any market environment
  • How to get rid of the biggest blind spot investors have about bonds
  • Why bonds' unsexiness is one of their most attractive qualities
  • When you should absolutely avoid municipal bonds
  • How to measure default risk
  • The get-your-hands-dirty guide to the mechanics of bonds
  • What convexity is and why it is a bond investor's best friend
  • A precise formula for figuring out the interest rate risk in your own bond portfolio
  • The portfolio I believe every investor should have
  • The unvarnished facts about credit ratings agencies
  • Where to park your cash for safety and yield
  • An introduction to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae
  • The unusual features of mortgage-backed securities
  • What you need to know about the wild world of international bonds
  • Bond math (and the calculators to do the math for you)
  • Insights into the Federal Reserve
  • The simplest explanation of the most important concept in finance
  • How to calculate the fair value of a bond (so you don't have to jump in blindly)
  • 2 bond investing rules of thumb that will be true forever
  • The exact tax implications for different types of bonds
  • 2 bond investing strategies you can use whether you're starting out, retired, or anything in between
  • How a bond auction actually works
  • An easy reference guide to bond terminology including convexity, duration, covenants, yield-to-maturity, coupon, and more
  • The deal with private placements (for institutional investors only)
  • What's going on in the ballooning universe of BBB bonds
  • How to match different bonds with your time horizon, risk preference, and investment goals
  • Access to 2 diversified bond portfolios to suit your needs, carefully chosen by me
  • And lots more.

I know... that's a lot, right? Here's the good news—I've set the Bond Masterclass up so that you can dip in and out of it when you want. I'm not asking you to sit down at a desk and grind this out.

If you want to skip straight to the Bond Masterclass portfolios, you can.

If you want to start from the beginning and take every chapter in order, you can.

If you want to use the Masterclass as your go-to reference guide for whenever you're unsure of something bond-related, you can.

The Bond Masterclass is designed for you to use exactly how you want to use it. It's that simple.

The Bond Masterclass:
The Difference Between Being
a Good Investor and a Great Investor

A staggering number of individual investors avoid bonds at all costs. What that means, is that investors who do the opposite will have a huge knowledge advantage. To put it another way, investors who take a little time to understand bonds will reap the benefits.

If you're ready to sign me up as your guide to the bond universe, then join the Bond Masterclass and get access to:

Bond Masterclass module 1

Module 1: How Bonds Actually Work

From what a bond is to step-by-step explanations of more complex concepts, How Bonds Actually Work is your detailed yet concise guide to how bonds work in the real world.

Bond Masterclass module 2

Module 2: Your Crash Course in 7 Types of Bonds

Treasuries, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and more: In Your Crash Course in 7 Types of Bonds I take you through the bond universe and share all the unique features, benefits, and gotchas of different types of bonds.

Bond Masterclass module 3

Module 3: Your Bond Portfolio

No matter what your income is, one of the Bond Masterclass portfolios I have set up will suit you.

Bond Masterclass

The Masterclass Videos

Baffled by convexity? Confused by the yield curve? The Masterclass Video series takes the more complicated bond concepts and helps you get to grips with them visually.

bond investing

The Masterclass Quizzes

Help commit what you've learned to long-term memory with these useful worksheets.

Win Immediately

  • Instant portfolio access
  • Video explanations of tough concepts
  • Key takeaways

Win in the Long Term

  • Your evergreen reference guide to bonds
  • An entire education at your fingertips
  • Everything you need, but no filler

Ready to join my Bond Masterclass right now? Simply click the link below to get started.

Join Jared Dillian's Bond Masterclass Now

Still Have Questions? I Have Answers...

Q. I don't know anything about bonds. Is this Masterclass too advanced?

A. Nope. I've created the Masterclass so that you can start learning from a position of zero knowledge of bonds. And at the same time, if you have an intermediate or advanced knowledge, there's plenty in there for you too.

For example, here is a brief list of what three different investors could learn in Module 1 alone:


  • The benefits of investing in bonds
  • What a bond actually is
  • The most important bond terminology
  • How the relationship between bond prices and interest rates really works
  • 2 easy bond investing rules you can learn by heart


  • Exactly how you value a bond
  • Calculating the yield to maturity
  • 2 DIY bond investing strategies
  • The inner workings of the Fed
  • How to calculate the interest rate risk in your own bond portfolio


  • Convexity, explained
  • A simple explanation of duration
  • Understanding the yield curve

As you can see, the Bond Masterclass takes you right from bond novice to confident bond investor... and it does this in the quickest, most concise way possible (because who has time for 500+ page books on bonds?)

Q. I feel like I'll never get bonds because math is not my strong point...

A. Yes, bonds are mathematical. And yes, I have the math laid out in the guide for those of you who learn better that way. But I also have explanations that don't require you to get the calculator out. At no point in the Masterclass will you get stuck on math and be unable to move forward.

Q. How much time will this take?

A. Up to you. You can go through each chapter line by line if you want. Or if you can start off with the key takeaways at the end of each chapter. Or you can go straight to the bond portfolios and then learn the academic stuff at your leisure.

When creating the Masterclass, I kept all of the above possibilities in mind—so if you're assiduous, you have all the details you could possibly want, and if you're a skimmer, you get the key takeaways served up to you in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Q. Bonds have already rallied. Have I missed the trade?

A. Well, it doesn't make any more sense to try to market-time the bond market than it does the stock market. Something to consider is that interest rates will probably go lower, which will push bond prices up more. Plus, bonds provide diversification, which is pretty frickin' important in today's market.

And possibly most important of all, it makes sense to take a little time to understand bonds now, so you can benefit from that for the rest of your investing career. The Bond Masterclass isn't about encouraging you to jump into a bubble. It's about giving you the tools you need to invest in bonds now, but also giving you what you need to be a confident bond investor forever.

But look... I'm not trying to force anyone to invest in bonds. The reason I created the Bond Masterclass is because individual investors are missing out on a huge part of the market. And it's because most information about bonds is impenetrable. I'm just trying to change that and make things easier for the individual investor, i.e., you.

Q. Speaking of that, what's the deal with the Masterclass portfolios?

A. I have set up two model portfolios, which are divided by income bracket. So no matter what your current financial situation is, I have built a well-diversified, relatively low-risk, and resilient bond portfolio for you.

If there are changes required... I'll cover you for the first year. As in, I'll email you updates as they're needed, at no charge. After Year 1, I'll give you the opportunity to buy an update for a small fee (small as in, less than $20). You won't be opted in automatically for this—the Bond Masterclass is not a subscription service.

Join the Bond Masterclass Now

I'm incredibly proud of the Bond Masterclass. It really is the best way I can think of to help individual investors.

And because I've been teaching finance to MBA students for several years, I can tell you this for sure:

  • a) You'd pay a few thousand dollars for a college semester to learn everything that's included in the Masterclass
  • b) But this won't take months to learn.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking wait, does this cost several thousand dollars?!

The answer is... No, absolutely not.

So for starters, I'm inviting you to join the Bond Masterclass not for several thousand dollars...

Or even several hundred dollars....

The Bond Masterclass will cost just $299.

And it's worth a lot more than that.

But I'm inviting you to join for $199.

Yep. Just $299 $199 bucks will get you immediate access to:

The Bond Masterclass I spent months creating especially for individual investors

Bond Masterclass modules

The Bond Masterclass portfolios, filled with bond plays I have carefully chosen for the current environment.

Bond Masterclass Portfolio

The Masterclass videos and worksheets to make your road to mastering bonds even smoother.

The Bond Masterclass

Why am I giving you the opportunity to join the Masterclass for less than $200, when it’s worth many multiples of that?

Well, I want everyone to be able to access this course.

Naturally, you also get 30 days to try out the Bond Masterclass. Don't like it? I'll refund every single cent of those 199 dollars.

That's about as good a deal as I can make it.

So what do you say... are you in?

Jared Dillian signatureJared Dillian

Join Jared Dillian's Bond Masterclass for Just $299 $199 Today

The Bond Masterclass from Jared Dillian Money is unlike anything else out there. It's more complete than any news source, more interesting than any of the books you can get on Amazon, and more actionable than any encyclopedia-style guide you find online.

Best of all, there is no steep learning curve or huge time commitment needed. It's designed to be immediately useful to you.

Try it out risk-free for 30 days, and you'll get immediate access to:

  • How Bonds Actually Work: A complete guide to bonds with guidance at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Your Crash Course In 7 Types of Bonds: By the end of this module, you'll feel confident navigating all the different bond types and know which bonds suit your investment goals and tax status best
  • Your Bond Portfolio: Access 2 model portfolios built for you to invest in in the current market environment
  • And more: Masterclass videos for an extra layer of learning, plus worksheets for you to print out and use as you wish.


  • Bond Masterclass Portfolio

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