Saving and Investing for the
Retirement You Want

Empower your future.

Let’s face it, planning and saving for retirement can get complicated fast.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the sheer number of financial decisions, investment options, and the abundance of information out there.

No wonder nearly half of Americans when surveyed project they’ll be financially uncomfortable when they retire, per Gallup.

What’s worse, nearly 1 in 3 have nothing saved for retirement.

Not because of rising costs of living, increased life expectancy, or the lack of employer-sponsored retirement plans…

But because of one thing—a lack of education.

The truth is it’s simply NOT complicated to know exactly what you need to retire. And once you do know how much you need, everything falls into place.

So, in order for you to reach and maintain the standard of living for the retirement you deserve, you need to determine two things:

  1. How much you’ll need during retirement to keep you going year after year;
  2. How much you need to start saving now in order to make that happen.

Inside Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want, I walk you through an easy formula for figuring out YOUR numbers—tailored to your income and net worth—then we work backwards from there.

This is the only course on Jared Dillian Money where you’ll learn how to determine your true retirement numbers.

Then you can use your numbers to set yourself up for financial success in the future…

…regardless of how much you make now, or how much you have set aside.

Everything is laid out in clear, concise sections so you can take it one step at a time.

Believe it or not, you could have nothing set aside and stage an incredible comeback.

In fact, I know many people who got to age 50 and didn’t have a dime saved for retirement.

But since they knew their numbers, they ended up retiring comfortably.

Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want is a step-by-step, easily digestible course that makes sure you understand what you need—

  • without confusing jargon,

  • without the stress,

  • without the embarrassment.

Just a no-nonsense, well-rounded resource that breaks things down in a way that'll set you on the path to a fulfilling, stress-free retirement.

Enroll in Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want today, and help your money work harder for you.

Inside Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want, you’ll learn:

  • How to start when you feel like it’s too late (regardless of age).

  • The easy-to-use formulas to figure out how much you need for your retirement, and how much of your income you need to set aside.

  • Why serious wealth is rarely the product of a million small decisions, and what *really* drives financial success.

  • What you can learn from your house about how much you’ll need for retirement.

  • The hidden factors behind why many people are facing a stressful, uncomfortable retirement.

  • How to set up and maintain a valuable relationship with the tax man.

  • Retirement plan options for every employment status.

  • The #1 thing that can save you if you get to 50 without a dime saved for retirement.

  • A carefully vetted resource guide to save you time and research

  • The #1 thing that can save you if you get to 50 without a dime saved for retirement

  • How to invest for retirement without blowing yourself up (even if you've never invested before).

Enroll in Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want

Course Content

  • Module 1: Is Your Retirement Dream To Be Stuck At Home Watching Cable News At Top Volume?
    • Lesson 1: Figure out how much money you will need in retirement

    • Lesson 2: Calculate how much you need to save to meet your lifestyle goals

    • Lesson 3: The only way to finish is to start

  • Module 2: They Give You Cash, Which Is Just As Good As Money
    • Lesson 1: Get out of debt

    • Lesson 2: Save until it hurts

    • Lesson 3: Ode to cash

    • Lesson 4: A note on 12% stock market returns

  • Module 3: How to Invest for Retirement Without Blowing Yourself Up
    • Lesson 1: Wait, I’ve never invested before

    • Lesson 2: The taxman isn’t always the enemy

    • Lesson 3: No such thing as the perfect portfolio? Hold my beer

    • Lesson 4: Semper Paratus

  • Module 4: Yes, Age Matters, but It’s (Almost) Never Too Late
    • Lesson 1: Your retirement roadmap at age 20

    • Lesson 2: Your retirement roadmap at age 30

    • Lesson 3: Your retirement roadmap at age 40

    • Lesson 4: Your retirement roadmap at age 50

    • Lesson 5: Your retirement roadmap at age 60

    • Lesson 6: What to Do When You’re Retired

    • Lesson 7: A PSA for Taking Social Security Later Rather Than Sooner

  • Module 5: Troubleshooting—How to Make the Numbers Work
    • Lesson 1: Implement Austerity

    • Lesson 2: Earn more

    • Lesson 3: Tap home equity

    • Lesson 4: Hunt down dividend-paying stocks

    • Lesson 5: Start income investing

    • Lesson 6: You have to want it

  • Conclulsion: Saving and Investing for the Retirement You Want
    • Resources

Course Features

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Lessons: 25
  • Tags: Retirement, Life, Investing
  • Instructor: Jared Dillian


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