Mastering Your Personal Finances

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Making money and managing your finances well is the most important thing you can do in life.

Sure, a good job, having kids, giving back to the community, traveling…

Those are good things too, but without money those things are impossible.

Being good with money is more than being able to stick to a budget or knowing when to pay your bills.

It’s about being honest with yourself about what’s driving your financial decisions—and how those choices affect your life (in good or bad ways).

In Jared’s free online course, Mastering Your Personal Finances, you’ll gain the self-awareness to learn what drives your decision-making—and the confidence and peace of mind needed to take charge of your financial situation.

You don’t need to be good at math, have special smarts, or be a market ace to improve your finances.

You just need to get a couple things right. The rest falls into place.

Inside Mastering Your Personal Finances you’ll get the tools you need to fully control your finances starting today.

Grab your free course, Mastering Your Personal Finances, today and learn:

  • The one thing you must change to become good with money (it’s not spending habits).

  • Why it doesn’t matter what you do for a living or how much you make to take control of your money.

  • The truth about guilt-free spending so you don’t have to beat yourself up for buying a $4 latte.

  • How to know whether you’re truly good with money (or not).

  • The secret to successful budgeting—a flexible, personalized approach to money that doesn’t involve rigid rules.

  • How to bypass “generic” financial advice to develop your own principles about money that align with YOUR goals.

  • Plus much more!

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Course Content

  • Module 1: Mastering Your Personal Finances
    • Lesson 1: Am I Good with Money?

    • Lesson 2: You Need to Change How You Think About Money

    • Lesson 3: Who Am I?

    • Lesson 4: And Why Did I Write This Report?

  • Module 2: Drowning in Debt? It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This
    • Lesson 1: Debt Is the Enemy

    • Lesson 2: Your Debt Is Unproductive

    • Lesson 3: You Should Be a Bad Customer of the Bank

    • Lesson 4: Ramen, Alpo, or Option Three

    • Lesson 5: Next Steps

  • Module 3: The Budget Question: Or, can I buy that sandwich?
    • Lesson 1: Do I Need a Budget?

    • Lesson 2: Save Until It Hurts

    • Lesson 3: First Rule of Life: There Are No Rules

    • Lesson 4: Next Steps

  • Module 4: The Confusing World of Saving and Investing for Retirement
    • Lesson 1: Avoiding Retirement Own Goals

    • Lesson 2: Next Steps

Course Details

  • Duration: <1 hour
  • Lessons: 15
  • Tags: Debt, Life, Mindset
  • Instructor: Jared Dillian

Price: FREE


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