Those Bastards: 69 Essays on life, creativity, & meaning

Essays by Jared Dillian

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Those Bastards: 69 Essays on life, creativity, & meaning

This sparkling collection of essays explores life's perplexing questions:

What happens to us after we die? Why does pornography ruin everything? Why should you never wear cargo shorts? What are the keys to a successful marriage? Why do some people commit suicide, but others don't?

With empathy, curiosity, and candor, Jared dives headfirst into the central questions of existence with eyes wide open.

Alternately funny and sad, inspiring and scary, Those Bastards takes you on an emotional roller coaster, drawing heavily on Jared's experience with debilitating mental illness and his professional failures and overflowing with sharp critiques on music and culture.

Moving effortlessly from topic to topic with honesty and integrity, Those Bastards is a literary sensation filled with insights into what it means to be human, struggling in a world of uncertainty.


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