The No Worries Course

How to live a stress-free financial life

Are you ready to take complete control of your finances once and for all?

Jared Dillian’s flagship course, No Worries, guides you from theory to practice by identifying and implementing the steps you need to put a stress-free financial life in action.

From erasing debt and increasing income, to choosing the right house and investing for retirement, you’ll be immersed in a holistic learning experience—integrating Jared’s advice into real-life scenarios, yet flexible enough so you can customize a learning path tailored to your goals.

In short, this is where the rubber meets the road—where you roll up your sleeves and take charge of your financial life.

No Worries is more than acquiring know-how; it's about emotional readiness and becoming the kind of person it takes to lead a well-rounded, happy and successful financial life.

Whether you have your finances in order or not, it doesn't matter...

With brand-new practical exercises, tools, worksheets, and custom multimedia content, you’ll learn how to think critically, challenge traditional (and often misguided) advice, and make the right decisions on your path toward financial freedom.

At the end of this experience you’ll walk away with peace of mind, and a financial roadmap that empowers you to have peace of mind while you reach your goals.

Enroll today, and you’ll be included in a supportive online community that fosters collaboration with regular assessments and progress tracking tools where you can measure growth, deepen your understanding, and celebrate milestones.

Plus, you’ll be connected to an available and incredible support staff that’s with you every step of the way.

You’ll have ongoing access to course materials, interactive multimedia, live events, and updates.

There’s no subscription fee, or maintenance costs. That means you have access for life.

One word of warning: You will learn how to get rich in this course.

But not how to get rich quick. You’ll learn how to get rich slowly.

You’ll learn how to make money your ally, master your debt, and make sense of investing.

Financial freedom is an inside job. It starts from within—with your attitude. Then we work from there.

By the end, you won’t just understand the principles of a stress-free financial life—you’ll live them.

Enroll in No Worries today and learn:

  • How the power of your attitude can shape your destiny—nothing mystical about it, just practical and tangible steps to ensure financial success.

  • Your ideal route to more money: how to decide whether you should get a second job, invest in education, negotiate a raise, or start a business.

  • The key decisions you need to make so money can be your biggest ally. Be master of your money, not its servant.

  • The art of remaining debt free. Integrating battle-tested strategies to manage and minimize debt while achieving lasting peace of mind.

  • Whether it’s a mortgage, student loans, or credit cards, how to identify YOUR sources of financial stress, then fix them.

  • How to seamlessly transition from financial stress to fearless investing and create a set-it-and-forget-it portfolio for every market.

  • Beyond the course: Why the journey never ends and how to maintain and protect the financial fortress you’ve built.

Enroll in No Worries today for Just $129

Course Content

  • Introduction: No Worries

    • Course Overview

    • Making the Right Financial Choices

  • Part I: Your Attitude Toward Money

    • What Is Your Attitude Toward Money?

    • Exercise: Reflection on Personal Finance Importance

    • Assessing Your Current Financial Situation

    • Setting Financial Goals

    • Think Bigger

    • Get a Raise

    • Jumpstart Your Salary the Wall Street Way

    • This Is How You Make More Money

    • Work Longer Hours

    • Exercise: Create a Budgeting Worksheet

    • Get a Second Job

    • Get a Different Job That Pays More

    • The Power of Networking

    • Go to School to Learn New Skills

    • The DIY Route

    • Start Income Investing

    • Launch a Business

    • It’s All About Your Mindset

    • Skills Assessment: Your Attitude Toward Money

    • Resources

  • Part II: Finding the Right Balance

    • The First Source of Financial Stress: Debt

    • What is Debt?

    • The Cost of Borrowing

    • Debt's Impact on Your Financial Health

    • Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Being in Debt

    • The Debt/Growth Test

    • The Second Source of Financial Stress: Risk

    • The Revenue Side

    • CFs and High Rollers

    • Master Your Personal Finances

    • Rich Guys Need Nice Suits

    • Being Too Cheap Can Ruin Relationships

    • Relationships with Money

    • My Story

    • Don't Date Anyone with a Credit Score Under 650

    • Skills Assessment: Finding the Right Balance

  • Part III: Fix Your Relationship with Debt

    • Keeping Cash in the Bank

    • The Emergency Fund

    • The Option Value of Cash

    • Liquidity

    • Keeping Money in Cash

    • Gold

    • Credit Cards

    • Credit Cards Are Not the Root of All Evil

    • How to Use Credit Cards the Right Way

    • What's the Deal with Points?

    • The Last Resort

    • Skills Assessment: Credit Cards

    • Buying a House

    • The Big Thing People Get Wrong

    • Mortgages, LTV, and More

    • Other Types of Mortgages

    • Skills Assessment: Buying a House

    • Going to School

    • How Much You Should Pay for College

    • Should Higher Education Be Free?

    • A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Car

    • Skills Assessment: Fix Your Relationship with Debt

  • Part IV: Balance Risk with the Awesome Portfolio

    • Thinking About Risk

    • Diversification

    • Your Silver-Bullet Solution

    • Why the Awesome Portfolio Is Awesome

    • Implementation: Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Awesome Portfolio

    • Safe as It Gets

    • Monitoring Your Portfolio

    • Skills Assessment: The Awesome Portfolio

  • Part V: Stability and Relief

    • What I Want for You

    • A Life Free from Financial Worry

    • Claim Your Badge

Course Features

  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Lessons: 69
  • Tags: Debt, Mindset, Life
  • Instructor: Jared Dillian


$199 $129


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