Life Hedge Investing:

Rewriting the Rules for a Successful Portfolio

When the markets are choppy, threatened by war, or a recession flatlines the economy...

You still need to manage your wealth and investments, confident that no matter what happens in the markets, you’re going to be okay—unfazed by the chaos and uncertainty.

You have two options: stick your money in stocks and bonds, pray it will sustain through down times, and hope it makes enough in good times.

Or, you can depend on a portfolio designed to perform well in uncertain times, delivering you higher returns than stocks and bonds in the good times. 

I’m talking about the ultimate life hedge...

A portfolio that doesn’t tank when the world does, one that you don’t have to micromanage on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis... yet still gives you the return potential you need to care for yourself and your family—and the money you need to retire comfortably when you are ready.

It’s called The Awesome Portfolio. Let’s build it together...

As you have probably noticed, the last
few years have been wild.

We’ve reached levels of volatility similar to what we experienced during the Financial Crisis and the Great Depression.

  • It’s hard to bounce back from a killer virus that paralyzes the global economy, forces tens of millions of people out of work, and sends the stock market plummeting 32% in 30 days.

  • Relying solely on stocks and bonds weakens your portfolio in bad times, and limits your growth in the good times. If either side underperforms or experiences a downturn, the entire portfolio is at risk.

  • Mitigating volatility isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Both in your portfolio and in your psyche. From top to bottom in 2007‒2009 the stock market was down 57%—an incredible amount of stress for investors.

  • You can't step into a time machine, but you can future-proof against unexpected calamities. Proactive steps today can reduce the stress from the uncertainties that lie ahead.

  • The last place you want to be is totally underinvested in bull markets, and overexposed in crushing bear markets. Striking the right balance means you can face all market conditions.

Besides, which is smarter...

...wait until the next global crisis happens to triage your portfolio—
or prepare for the unexpected now?

Portfolio resilience

The “conservative” investing approach you’ve been taught is too risky. Allocations limited to stocks and bonds doesn't cut it anymore.

Minimize catastrophe

You should be able to turn a widespread financial crisis into a mere speedbump. You need a portfolio that can survive nuclear fallout.

Sideline the stress

When bad things happen in the world, it’s okay to be sad. But it’s not okay to lose money. When those times happen (*and they will happen again) your portfolio should maintain a level of safety without jeopardizing your sanity.

Diffusing risk

It's not about beating the S&P 500. Truth is, hedge funds don’t beat the S&P 500. Because it’s not about returns—it’s about risk-adjusted returns, and the depth and length of drawdowns, and not having your entire net worth correlated in one big ball of risk.

That’s why you need a portfolio that grows a little bit every day, with almost no drawdowns and no volatility, while still providing a healthy return.

A portfolio that helps you make some money when the market is booming, and protects your money in a catastrophe by helping you avoid losing a lot of money.

This is how you grow your wealth in good times AND in bad times.

Welcome to The Awesome Portfolio

The Awesome Portfolio minimizes volatility, minimizes risk, and boosts your long-term profits.

How? By thriving in the face of choppy markets, global instability, and economic recessions...

In short: The Awesome Portfolio limits risk and maximizes returns in every environment.

By riding the wave up when the markets are soaring, you have peace of mind that you won’t take big losses when the next big, bad thing happens.

For years financial professionals recommended parking your money in stocks and bonds.

Not because they offered the best overall returns, but because they offered respectable risk-adjusted returns for the environment we were living in.

But the problem is over the years the environment we’re living in—changed.

If you recall, for 11 years prior to the pandemic stocks rose, and many investors, (especially the new, younger generation on Wall Street, and financial advisors) never saw a global crisis.

They were blindsided.

Even if you had an allocation of 80% stocks and 20% bonds, your portfolio would have dropped 24%.

If all of your money was in the stock market during the pandemic, you got smoked.

Look, when the world changes, you must change. It’s an evolutionary fact.

That includes our investments, too.

Today, the environment is full of inflationary and deflationary pressures, rapid interest rate changes, whipsaw volatility, wars, global and political uncertainty...

Perfect for what The Awesome Portfolio is made for: storms and chaos.

The Awesome Portfolio is a life hedge.

If the world is going to hell in a handbasket, you might as well not lose your shirt too, and make some money off of it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be fearful when there's a crisis, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about in the event of something bad happening in the world—you have permission to proceed with caution. But you don’t have permission to be stupid.

What’s worse, being afraid and losing money, or being afraid and not losing money?

The Awesome Portfolio protects you in worst-case scenarios.

It’s really the Boy Scout portfolio—prepared for anything.

You can set it and forget it, borderline self-regulating, and check in on it once a year or so.

With The Awesome Portfolio you get:

  • The Awesome Portfolio: All the ticker symbols you need to start your personal Awesome Portfolio today.

  • Exact Amount: The exact amount to start. Doesn’t matter if you’re starting with $1,000, or you’re a seasoned investor with a million dollars-plus in your brokerage account.

  • Crash Protection Steps: The proactive steps you need to take before the next stock market crash. This can happen sooner than you think.

  • Portfolio Management Training: How to tweak your portfolio as market conditions change: This is how we’re prepared for the unexpected.

Ride the Wave Up When the Markets Are Soaring, and
Get Peace of Mind that You Won’t Take Big Losses
When the Next Big, Bad Thing Happens

What You Will Get With The Awesome Portfolio

  • Do This Before You Invest: Before investing a dollar you must address this important step. Miss it and no matter what happens you could be set back years.

  • How to Manage the Portfolio: You will learn how to manage the account—I will help you with that part.

  • The Awesome Portfolio: Easy-to-read diagram outlining the set-it-and-forget-it portfolio. Plus all the ticker symbols you need to quick-start your personal Awesome Portfolio today.

What You Will Not Get With The Awesome Portfolio

  • High Maintenance: Constant monitoring is unnecessary. Unlike portfolios that demand constant attention and adjustments, The Awesome Portfolio is designed so you can set it and forget it.

  • Time-Consuming: This does not require significant time to set up and maintain. Investors don't need to dedicate extensive hours to keep it performing well.

  • Reactive: The set-it-and-forget-it portfolio is proactive in nature, not reactive. Because The Awesome Portfolio is designed to handle big and small market fluctuations, catastrophic events, and crises—you don’t have to worry and stress about constant adjustment.

What puts The Awesome Portfolio a step above the rest?

High Performance

  • Over the last two decades, The Awesome Portfolio outperformed popular combinations of stocks and bonds by an incredible 285%!

    “Conservative” allocations to stocks and bonds leave a lot of profit on the table.

    Capturing that profit involves including asset classes other than stocks and bonds into your portfolio.

    If you don’t know which asset classes to include, you don’t pick one and hope for the best.

    You hold a little bit of all of them.

    That’s what makes The Awesome Portfolio, well, awesome.

    It’s mathematically designed to provide healthy returns during the good times, while actively playing defense in uncertain times.

Low Volatility

  • I get it, we’re here to grow our wealth. But you have to consider the risks, too.

    Putting your portfolio 100% in stocks is obviously risky.

    80% stocks/ 20% bonds—still too risky. Even the “conservative” 60% stocks/40% bonds portfolio invites too much risk exposure.

    This overexposure often triggers an overreaction to volatility resulting in investors selling prematurely amidst downturns.

    Avoid volatility. Avoid panic. Avoid emotional selling at the lows.

    One way to test your portfolio’s exposure to volatility is by the standard deviation of a portfolio's returns.

    The lower the standard deviation means the less volatile the portfolio.

    The higher the standard deviation the more volatile the portfolio.

    Look how The Awesome Portfolio compares with stocks and bonds.

    The Awesome Portfolio outperforms the other portfolios with the lower standard deviation— thus less volatile than “conservative” portfolios.

Low Risk

  • Anyone can claim a portfolio is low risk. But analysts like me rely on data—not bold claims.

    That’s why I use the Sharpe ratio to measure risk.

    The Sharpe ratio is a smart tool developed by a Nobel laureate famous in investing circles.

    Without going into the weeds, all you need to know is this: A higher Sharpe ratio means less risk. A lower Sharpe ratio means high risk.

    Can you guess which portfolio outperforms the rest?

    The Awesome Portfolio has the HIGHEST Sharpe ratio of the typical combinations of stocks and bonds.

    High returns plus mathematically less risk? I can live with that.

Life Hedge

  • Here’s a little bit about my investment philosophy.

    There is a school of thought out there that you should load up on stocks and bonds and ride out all the volatility and retire at the end with some exorbitant pile of money.

    Nice in theory, but not in practice.

    In practice, people can’t withstand the volatility and when bad things happen they tend to panic and sell.

    There is a lot of stress when your entire portfolio is wrapped up in stocks and bonds, and a global pandemic happens, a banking crisis, or terrorists blow up the World Trade Center and the markets close.

    In the face of this level of volatility, many individual investors tend to sell their stocks during periods of market downturns, often near the bottom.

    Instead, when those times happen (and they will happen again) your portfolio should maintain a level of safety without jeopardizing your sanity.

    The Awesome Portfolio is your reliable fortress in bad times.

    This is a hedge in the markets, and in life.

    When things are good, they are really good, and when things are bad, they don’t have to be as bad for you and your investments.

Who's a Good Fit for The Awesome Portfolio?

The Awesome Portfolio IS FOR
you if:

  • You value a more passive investment strategy focused on long-term growth.

  • You want to simplify what is available from most conventional portfolio models.

  • You want to go about your life without having to check it every day.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to follow the conventional advice of a 60/40 portfolio, and hope the market never crashes (again).

  • You take risks, and want to spend your time swing trading and day trading.

  • You are satisfied with your current long-term financial situation.

Here’s everything you get.

  • The full Awesome Portfolio

  • Breakdown of Five Asset Classes

  • Risk Management

  • Life Hedge

  • 100% mobile/tablet friendly

Awesome Portfolio


Absolutely not. This is a long-term portfolio, designed to withstand wicked downturns in the market, profit in good times, and provide healthy returns over the long term. This is for investors of any level who seek advantages over “conservative” portfolio recommendations.

Absolutely, yes. The Awesome Portfolio is designed so you can set it and forget it. You don’t have to monitor it frequently. This is a long-term portfolio. But do be aware there will be minor adjustments every now and then.

All the ticker symbols you need to start your personal Awesome Portfolio today are part of what you get immediately. Plus the exact allocations to start. Doesn’t matter if you’re starting with $1,000, or you’re a seasoned investor with a million dollars-plus in your brokerage account.

Nope! All you need is an ordinary, plain-vanilla brokerage account. All the tickers you need are inside The Awesome Portfolio special report.

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