What the Coast Guard Taught Me About Fraud

We all start out know nothing about money. But if you don’t learn the basics, you leave yourself vulnerable to hucksters and frauds. That’s what happened to Jared’s Coast Guard buddies...

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It’s Time to Live a Stress-Free Financial Life

Your goal is to live a stress-free financial life. That is the whole point of having money.

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5 Things You Can Control Right Now

What’s happening now is definitely a recession. It might be severe, but it should also be short and swift. Until the economy recovers—and it will—focus on practical things you can actually control right now.

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Get to Know the Fed—the Most Powerful Institution on Earth

The power of the Fed is unprecedented. There’s no parallel. So, you should know what the Fed is and what it does.

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The Internet Is Anti-Baby

Ever wondered where economic growth comes from? Jared lets you in on the secret… and explains why the overpopulation threat is a myth.

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Stop: Don’t Date Anyone with a Credit Score Under 650

A person’s credit score is a measure of his character, and it’s something you need to know about early in a relationship. Jared shows you how to start this critical conversation.

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