Buying “Stock Slices” Is Just Another Way to Lose to the House

Buying fractional shares is closer to playing the slots than it is to investing. There’s a better way to grow real, lasting wealth... a way of investing that doesn’t doom you to lose to the house.

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My Highest Conviction Trade Ever

If you really like a stock, do you make it 1% of your portfolio? 50%? There are no hard and fast rules, but you can use Jared’s framework for sizing your investments.

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Gold Isn’t Great for Buying Pizza… But You Still Want to Own Some

Gold is not great for buying pizza, but it does a fantastic job of holding its value. This is one of many reasons you want to own some gold right now.

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Don’t Risk Your Money on Garbage Stocks… This Is How You Build Real Wealth

Investors are buying garbage stocks, risking hard-earned dollars they can’t afford to lose. But you can avoid all that... and start safely investing in your future.

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The Craziest Thing Since 1999

There were a lot of sad stories after the dot-com crash... after the housing crash. Don’t be one of the people with a sad story after the next crash.

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Max Out Your IRA with $17 a Day

You don’t have to give up $3 coffees to save for retirement. All it takes is $17 a day and a little attention to where your money goes—no austerity required.

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