The Happiness Explosion Is Here

There were rumblings that we would get a vaccine shortly after the election, and here we are. We have two vaccines and an explosion of human happiness. All good for stocks.

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Hope Is Not a Strategy

Everyone loves to root for the underdog. And that’s fine when you’re watching sports. But with stocks, you want to root for the favorite.

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How I Became a Bitcoin Convert

Bitcoin has gone from an orgy of speculation to a mature technology. It’s time for investors to take another look.

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The Best Way to Election-Proof Your Investments

No one knows how the election will play out. The good news is, as an investor, you don’t need to know what happens next.

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An Old Friend Turned $25K into $9 Million

The most successful investors take moonshot risks on extraordinary people, who can push their ideas across the finish line. That’s what Jared’s friend did—and now he has $9 million.

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Big Tobacco Doesn’t Care about Your Money

The investor who is willing to buy anything, no matter how yucky the company’s underlying business makes him feel, always wins in the end.

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