The Jared Dillian Letter, September 2020

Enjoy Retirement Without Going Broke

You want your money to last as long as you do… but not a minute longer. Following the “4% rule” in retirement will help you do that.

Big Tobacco Doesn’t Care about Your Money

The investor who is willing to buy anything, no matter how yucky the company’s underlying business makes him feel, always wins in the end.

Escape the Trillion-Dollar College Booby Trap

College has become a trillion-dollar booby trap. A third of Americans under 30 have outstanding student debt, and many of them are relying on loan forgiveness pipedreams. Jared sees a simple solution…

How People End Up Broke & Divorced… or Worse

If someone else is handling your money, you have rendered yourself totally helpless. So keep your money separate, even after marriage—separate checking accounts, separate mutual funds, separate credit cards, separate everything.

Actually, you’re not screwed. This is a fixable problem.

Choosing austerity now is infinitely better than letting poverty force you into austerity in your 80s. Unless, of course, your dream retirement consists of canned beans and endless reruns of The Price Is Right.