The Jared Dillian Letter, August 2020

You’re Not a Jerk If You Charge Your Friend Interest

If you’re going to loan money to family and friends, treat it like a real loan (with one caveat). It’s the best way to preserve the relationship.

Buying “Stock Slices” Is Just Another Way to Lose to the House

Buying fractional shares is closer to playing the slots than it is to investing. There’s a better way to grow real, lasting wealth... a way of investing that doesn’t doom you to lose to the house.

It’s Okay to Love Money

Money is not evil. And the love of money is not evil. You can take a bath in gold coins if you want—I’m okay with that.

Your Grocery Bill Is About to Soar

Printing cash and handing it out to people for doing nothing is a terrible idea. Prices would go through the roof! You can prepare for this: If you don’t own these two precious metals yet, you need to act fast.