The Jared Dillian Letter, July 2020

My Highest Conviction Trade Ever

If you really like a stock, do you make it 1% of your portfolio? 50%? There are no hard and fast rules, but you can use Jared’s framework for sizing your investments.

Now Is Your Chance to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 10 Years

Mortgage rates are the lowest they’ve been in history. Now is the time to refinance and pay off your house fast. You’ll save money, lower your financial stress, and make yourself happier!

What the Coast Guard Taught Me About Fraud

We all start out know nothing about money. But if you don’t learn the basics, you leave yourself vulnerable to hucksters and frauds. That’s what happened to Jared’s Coast Guard buddies...

Gold Isn’t Great for Buying Pizza… But You Still Want to Own Some

Gold is not great for buying pizza, but it does a fantastic job of holding its value. This is one of many reasons you want to own some gold right now.