The Jared Dillian Letter, April 2020

You Don’t Have to Believe Nutty Stuff to Own Gold

Investing in physical gold is fun! And the world is definitely short on fun these days. Jared explains why everyone should own some gold right now, and the best way to make that happen.

Where Will the Money Come from?

There’s a lot more to the stimulus than those pathetic $1,200 checks. Jared looks at the big picture consequences, why they matter to you, and what you can do right now to protect yourself as the spending ramps up.

Don’t Volunteer to Pay Extra Taxes This Year

The pandemic’s financial fallout is pushing countless Americans to pull money out of their retirement accounts early. Jared explains why this is a terrible idea, and what you should do instead.

5 Things You Can Control Right Now

What’s happening now is definitely a recession. It might be severe, but it should also be short and swift. Until the economy recovers—and it will—focus on practical things you can actually control right now.

Build Your Emergency Fund During an Emergency

Everyone needs an emergency fund. Setting it up takes priority over investing, paying off debt, and just about everything else. Jared shows you just how big your emergency fund should be, where to keep it, and how to set it up today... in the middle of an emergency.