The Jared Dillian Show

Own your money. Own your life.

Money is hard to make, keep, and control—and almost everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Now, ex-Wall Street trader Jared Dillian is here to talk to your listeners about money: from sorting out their personal finances to killing it on the stock market and everything in between. If your listeners want to own their lives—instead of borrowing or renting them—they need to start listening today.

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What is the Jared Dillian Show?

The Jared Dillian Show is a financial talk program to help you master your personal finances to live a more rich, stress-free life. This straight-talking show offers listeners advice on how to fix their financial issues in the most economically sensible way.

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The show runs weekdays as part of the Smart Talk Radio Network or affiliates can choose to incorporate The Jared Dillian Show into their current lineup.

To learn more about The Jared Dillian show or to request a sample please contact Envision Networks at 1-216-831-3761 or by flling out their contact form, found here.

Host: Jared Dillian
Program Category: Talk/Finance

Jared Dillian is one of the industry’s most original, entertaining personalities with a financial mind like no other. He started out his 20+ years working in the financial industry on Wall Street before he began writing several successful newsletters. Read Jared’s bio here.