Podcasts: Retirement

59% of Americans Leave Money on the Table

Less than half of us with access to a 401k plan take advantage of it. That’s like rejecting a stack of $100 bills because it’s too much effort to pick up. Jared explains that if you can double-click your mouse button, you can jump-start your retirement and save a bit on taxes, too.

Money In—Money Out

“When to start drawing on Social Security benefits” is a question many people ask their advisors, and there can be many answers. Today, Jared explains the math, psychology, and payout differences between taking it at 62, or waiting until 70. And did you know there’s a country with better...

Ramen at 25 or Alpo at 75—Your Choice

Everyone needs to decide whether they want financial hardship now, or later. Jared discusses which is the better option… why YOLO will lead you to the worst nursing home in the world… the trouble with Social Security… rising socialism… and lots more.

Retirement Saving Strategies

It’s (almost) never too late to start saving for retirement. Here’s how to get started, even if you’re less than a decade away…