Podcasts: Miscellaneous

Ho Ho H-overspending

The holiday season can be fraught with disappointment and guilt, especially if you overspend. Don’t let gift-giving pull you into a trap – emotional or financial. Jared discusses how to manage expectations and ensure your gift-giving is enjoyable for both you and the recipient.

Til Debt Us Do Part

Wedding loans are in vogue—but why start off your marriage with lots of debt at a very high interest rate? Jared warns about the risky math behind wedding loans, talks about why the average wedding cost is absolutely insane, and criticizes online lenders which fuel the “keeping up with the...

Why Teenagers Should Have Jobs

When burger-flipping isn’t about burger-flipping—Jared talks about what skills young adults must acquire on their first job in order to get a second one. Plus, why time-keeping is a skill and why Andrew Yang is the worst Democratic candidate.

Why You’re Probably Terrible at Evaluating Risk

On tonight’s podcast, Jared speaks about common dangers and the probability they’ll happen to you, as well as why life expectancy is going down in the US.

Taxes and a Beaten-Up Coffee Table

Thinking about taxes is zero fun, but we all have to do it. Today, Jared discusses how you could benefit from doing your own taxes… up to a point. He also shares what NFL superstar he would like to discuss spending habits with.

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