Podcasts: Miscellaneous

How to Make Your Credit Score Go Up

If the term “credit score” sends a shiver up your spine, then you need to press play. Jared shares why it’s important to monitor your score, as well as easy hacks to both maintain and improve that all-important number.

Teach a Man to Fish

The story of Robin Hood is enticing in its simplicity, but it doesn’t address the bigger issues involved in wealth inequality. Jared discusses the short- and long-term solutions and the need for society to realize that the fix isn’t as easy as it may seem.

I Don’t

Weddings are pricey for everyone, not just the happy couple. Jared wades into the costs and how quickly they add up if you’re attending a few a year. It’s more than you think. And don’t even get him started on bad wedding music…

Money Is Control

Money carries a lot of emotional baggage. Whether you are good with math or avoid it, you need to be emotionally intelligent about your finances. Knowing how to take care of yourself financially, as an individual, is key to owning your life. Jared talks about the pitfalls and solutions to finding...

Ho Ho H-overspending

The holiday season can be fraught with disappointment and guilt, especially if you overspend. Don’t let gift-giving pull you into a trap – emotional or financial. Jared discusses how to manage expectations and ensure your gift-giving is enjoyable for both you and the recipient.

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