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Predictions Are Stupid

Get ready to laugh. At the beginning of 2020, Jared was encouraged to make 12 predictions about the economy, the markets, and the election. No one knew all the chaos and absurdity this this year would bring—but Jared’s prediction about college wasn’t too far off.

This Place Is Dripping with Money

Geneva, Switzerland is dripping with money—and it’s making the news because it raised the minimum wage to $25 per hour. Of course, people want that in the US, too, even though it would kill jobs. You might make more, but your buddy is going to be out of a job.

Outsmart Your Magic Money Machine

Credit cards are powerful pieces of plastic. They provide small unsecure loans at high interest rates—which many people mistake for a “one slide fixes all” solution. Learn the one simple routine that can save you from the high-interest credit card trap.

The Dumbest Fish in the Sea

Travel back in time to Jared’s Coast Guard days, bouncing around the antigravity chamber in the Bering Sea, and training to become a fish cop. He’s got strong opinions about fish, which have more in common with finance than you’d think.

Your $5,000 iPhone

If companies start bringing manufacturing back to the US, everything is going to get more expensive. iPhones are made in China, but if American union workers made them, they would cost $5,000 a pop. Is that really what you want?

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