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7 Ways to Get to 740

If your goal is to be debt-free, you probably don't have to worry about your credit score. But if you want to borrow money at a low rate in the future, Jared's top seven rules can help you get to the prime 740 credit score.

Free Minds and Free Markets

You can't have capitalism without failure, but we don't let anything fail anymore. If we could get government out of the economy again, we could go back to truly having free markets.

Throwing Spaghetti Against the Wall

Amazon super-billionaire Jeff Bezos does a terrible job of giving his money away. Sure, he gave away $10 billion to fight climate change, but he did it in a very sloppy way. Bill Gates, on the other hand…

I Made a $250 Donation… Now It’s the Stupid Party

The Libertarian Party had a phenomenal ticket back in 2016—Gary Johnson put in the most successful third-party run since Ross Perot. But the capital “L” Libertarians missed the boat this time around.

Coca-Cola, a Man-Eater & a Hollywood Mogul

The United States is headed for a debt crisis. But Jared sees a way that Hollywood-mogul-turned-Treasury-Secretary Steve Mnuchin could turn things around… by doing something Coca-Cola once did.

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