Podcasts: Investing

Real Estate Real Talk

“As much of a tough guy as I am in the markets, I am a chicken when it comes to real estate…” Jared reveals what scares him about real estate, talks about the trouble with Airbnb, and more. A must-listen if you own or are thinking about owning real estate in today’s market.

Insane Investing

“You should not care or even think about your money…” Jared shares a strategy toward investing that will relieve stress during volatile markets… and when to ignore financial advisors.

A 10-Year Bull Market and You’re Still Stressed?

If you’re stressed about investing, you’re probably making one common, easy-to-fix mistake. Listen in to let Jared relieve your portfolio headaches.

More Important than the Stock Market

It’s a weird, volatile investing environment out there. Time to take some actionable, easy-to-follow advice on successful investing from a guy who earned his stripes on Wall Street…

The Basics of Bonds

The problem with bonds is that basically nobody understands them… so everybody is underinvested in them. Thing is, you need to be invested in bonds… who wouldn’t want a guaranteed income stream in their portfolio? In this podcast, Jared gives you the bond basics you need to know so you can...

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