Podcasts: Investing

Ring the Bell

The markets are reacting to so many different situations right now, it’s impossible to not be nervous. What should your portfolio look like in this situation? Jared reviews how to mitigate exposure and find diversification options so you can sleep at night.

Max Out Your 401(k)

Jared isn’t kidding on this one—your 401(k) is the best way to maximize legal tax deferral and ensure the best possible outcome for your retirement savings. He can’t say it enough. He also reviews the options for the investments you hold in your retirement portfolio.

Markets Don’t Like Uncertainty

With impeachment and elections looming, markets are starting to react. It’s important to insulate yourself from volatility with a well-constructed portfolio. Jared explains how in simple terms.

Cash Is King

Cash is an asset class. Many people forget to make room for it in their financial plan. You need cash for more than just safety—you can’t take advantage of buying opportunities if you don’t have it available. Jared elaborates.

The Sport of Prediction

Jared jumps into the murky water of predictions for 2020 and hopes to not get fricasseed in the process. He reviews commodities, gold, plant-based diets, oil, and the possibility of that looming recession…

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