Podcasts: Investing

Luck—and a Big Pile of Cash

Jared walks you through a major real estate deal—a piece of land that doubled in value in six months. It’s the kind of opportunity you can pounce on when you have a little bit of luck and a big pile of cash.

The Worst Investment in the World

No one wants to lie in bed at night, panicking about a volatile investment. Jared shares his solution to high volatility investments, so you never make a foolish mistake.

Amazon Should Split Its Stock

Stocks often go up after a split. It’s about signaling—the company is sending a message to investors. Jared explains what it is and how to take advantage of it.

Make Money in Any Environment

Every argument in finance is political—and liberals won the argument for the past decade. Now the situation has flipped. Jared explains why the best investors are “regime agnostic” and how you can make money in any environment.

You Can’t Print Corn

Rising inflation means everyone needs a little exposure to commodities—things like corn, wheat, soy beans, oil… all the stuff we use but can’t print. Jared shares the easiest way to get that done.

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