Podcasts: Investing

Diversification or Bust

For the past 12 years, investors who have 100% stocks in their portfolio have been handsomely rewarded for their perilous lack of diversification. But what goes up must also come down.

You Shouldn’t Go It Alone

You are likely going to be worse at managing your portfolio than a financial advisor. Said another way: You need a financial advisor. So, how do you go about choosing one? Jared gets into the weeds on how to choose one and some of the protections you have as a client.

Uncorrelated Is Good

Every portfolio has volatility. The only way to smooth out volatility is to ensure your portfolio is diversified, but very few people realize that to do that you need to break the correlation among your investments. Do you understand the equation? Jared discusses what you may not be doing to...

The Economy, Stupid

It’s important to be honest about expected returns. How you look at data, trends, “past performance” and bloated market projections can have a huge impact on your financial wellbeing. Jared dives into some macro viewpoints and gives you the perspective needed to see through the hype.

Jumping into the Pool

Professional managers do their best to keep your investments stable. Jared talks about adding your investments to the pool of capital they manage as a safer idea than thinking you can do it yourself. Once you jump in, the kind of mutual fund you choose makes a difference.

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