Podcasts: Investing

The Newspaper That Changed Everything

If you don’t learn about money, you are utterly lost in this world. Jared shares some of his favorite books to get you started.

It Takes Courage to Be a Pig

Picking stocks is the easy part—sizing the position is where people run into trouble. You need to be a pig on your high conviction trades, but you don’t want to do this with everything. Jared covers all the factors you want to consider before you size a trade.

Alyssa Milano Doesn’t Understand Inflation

Printing money and handing it out to people is a terrible idea. For one thing, it causes inflation. The market is already starting to price this in—not what you’d expect in the middle of pandemic.

Tesla—I’m Not That Impressed

Tesla (TSLA) needs one more profitable quarter to be added to the S&P 500. This is a very big deal—because a lot of index funds would have to buy the stock. Jared explains the impact on individual investors...

How to Spot a Fraud

If someone promises you 20% risk-free returns, it’s a fraud. Educate yourself... and only invest in things you understand.

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