Podcasts: Investing

Factor This Into Your Next Stock Buy

You bought a good, cheap stock. But it didn't go up… even though the rest of the market did. Good news: Changing just one "factor" could change your investment returns.

No Stress

If this market is causing you stress, you've probably taken on too much risk. If some of your position sizes are too big, it's time to sell and turn that money into food that isn't a crap sandwich.

The Ultimate Inflation Trade

Commodities are up 11% this year. They benefit from the weaker dollar, higher deficits, and rising inflation. Not only is this the right time to own them, but it's never been easier to buy them.

The Worst Traders of All Time

Companies have been buying back their stock since 1983. It boosts prices, which makes shareholders happy. Of course, it can kill the company when it buys at $40, shares drop to $15, and the entire industry grinds to a halt.

Don’t Fall for a Financial Fast Talker

If someone is trying to sell you a financial product or service that you don’t understand—don’t buy it. Have a low level of trust when it comes to your money. And take these steps to move from financial dependence to independence.

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