Podcasts: Investing

Building a Portfolio

Starting your investing career? Jared gives you the basics on ETFs and mutual funds to help you to determine what works for you as an investor. And if you want to just “forget about your money,” Jared has the solution for that, too…

Now with 50% Less

Thanks to accounting fraud legislation, bankruptcies, and mergers we have 50% fewer stocks on the market than we did 10 years ago. Private companies and private transactions are the trend, so how do you access these options when they aren’t open to the public or retail investors? Jared reviews...

Good Company/Bad Company

Jared introduces his “Constraints Theory” of investing, which helps explain why “bad” companies do well. Also up for discussion: why President Obama was the best gun salesman of all time, how a Seinfeld character can tell you a lot about how the market works, and more.

What Oil Prices Do to Your Life

Changes in the price of oil—driven by geopolitics—affect both our everyday and our investing lives. Jared talks about potential changes we will see following the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facility.

Bitcoin—From the Stupidest Thing Ever to Legitimate Asset

Tune in to learn about the “bitcoin cult” and its tactics, the process of mining, which famous rapper/actor made a fortune off BTC, and why Jared has changed his mind on the cryptocurrency

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