Podcasts: Investing

Cash Is King

Cash is an asset class. Many people forget to make room for it in their financial plan. You need cash for more than just safety—you can’t take advantage of buying opportunities if you don’t have it available. Jared elaborates.

The Sport of Prediction

Jared jumps into the murky water of predictions for 2020 and hopes to not get fricasseed in the process. He reviews commodities, gold, plant-based diets, oil, and the possibility of that looming recession…

Diversification or Bust

For the past 12 years, investors who have 100% stocks in their portfolio have been handsomely rewarded for their perilous lack of diversification. But what goes up must also come down.

You Shouldn’t Go It Alone

You are likely going to be worse at managing your portfolio than a financial advisor. Said another way: You need a financial advisor. So, how do you go about choosing one? Jared gets into the weeds on how to choose one and some of the protections you have as a client.

Uncorrelated Is Good

Every portfolio has volatility. The only way to smooth out volatility is to ensure your portfolio is diversified, but very few people realize that to do that you need to break the correlation among your investments. Do you understand the equation? Jared discusses what you may not be doing to...

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