Podcasts: Investing

Everything Is Meant to Be Sold

There is no asset that should be held forever—not even Bitcoin. That's why Jared recently sold his… right before it dropped. Here's how you can spot an asset that's about to fall out of favor.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

2020 was easy for investors, but the rules have already changed in the new year. You'll need a new strategy to keep making money in 2021. Here's what Jared is doing.

It’s Free for a Reason

The best way to start investing is with mutual funds. Many people buy ETFs to avoid loads (fees). But when it's your nest egg, this is one time when you should pay for something rather than get it for free.

It Is Easier to Live in a World Without Debt

Life presents you with opportunities. Don't give them up or, worse, go into debt to finance them. Having cash on hand opens up hidden opportunities that can even make home ownership a little cheaper.

Steer Clear of the Cemetery

If one of your investments is causing you stress, Jared recommends selling it. Find out what happened after he ignored his own advice and lost a half a million dollars…

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