Podcasts: Investing

The Craziest Thing Since 1999

The market is going up because of retail investors. This is not the norm—99% of the time institutional money drives the market. But right now, people are plowing their stimulus checks into the stock market. And they are buying all of the trash, like airline stocks. This is crazy stuff.

Stop: Do Not Use Your Stimulus Check to Buy Stocks!

When Charles Schwab launched commission-free trading last year, it unleashed a tidal wave of unintended consequences. Trading should NOT be free. This only makes the “dumb money” pour in... and do dumb stuff like buy airline stocks.

America’s Cult of Equity

The economy is basically in a depression, yet stocks keep zipping higher. Why? Because the economy is not the stock market, and the stock market is not the economy. And the Federal Reserve will not let the stock market fail.

Four Thousand Years of Shiny Rocks

You can own gold without believing in conspiracy theories or other crazy stuff. But it’s not really an investment... it’s an anti-investment. People buy it because they’re worried about stocks and bonds. Or because they’re worried about inflation. Jared explains why gold will continue to...

It’s the Big Things

Saving money is hard. How you save and when you save have a large impact on your standard of living. It’s a lot easier to save when your standard of living is lower. Don’t wait to save until you’re asking yourself to make huge changes in your life. Start with the big things and go from there.

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